Juniper forest Ziarat

Ziarat is famous because of its juniper forest ,so it is known as the second large forest in world . But It has a few more mountain ranges near it. You can visit the worth places below.

  1. Quid-e-azam’s residency
  2. Prospect point
  3. Juniper forest

1- Quid-e-azam residency

Quid-e-azam residency

The residency was construct in 1863. It has spread over 8000 square feet, And Here, he spend  spent his last few days.But since then, the residency  declared a national monument, attaching a great historical, importance with it.

2- Ziarat Prospect

prospect point

Prospect point situated near city province Baluchistan Pakistan. When you reach top you can take awesome view of  Koshki valley. It has the distance of 6 km from Ziarat, height of (2713 meters) above sea level. road of the valley has metaled. The valley has good road. Once at the peak with blizzard blowing through the forest, you  can see the valley stretch out in undulating slopes in front. From a near side, You can easily see the higher peak of the hills that are know as Khilafat, Khilafat got a hight of 3,487(meters). It has a small rest house which is near it.

3- Juniper forest

Juniper forest

 UNESCO  Pakistan’s Directorate General of Archaeology submitted report, the Ziarat forests are spread over nearly 110,000 hectares.

The forest is 1,000 (meters) over sea 2013 Pakistan declared it a Biosphere Reserve.  There will be berries,that is used in several types.

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