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Port City Gwadar

Port City Gwadar is a resent famous port city on the southwestern coast of Balochistan province of Pakistan. It is located on the sea shores of the Arabian Sea which is the opposite side of Oman. It value was recognized in 1954 when it was found that it is a suitable site for a deep water port. It was ownership of Oman. Pakistani paid handsome amount to government of Oman for getting back this beautiful valuable port.

In April of year 2015 Pakistan and China announced it as a China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to develop the Gwadar by initial investment of $46 billion.It turn a forms part of the China’s One Belt.

Following are best places to visit in Port City Gwadar:

1- Astola Island

Astola Island can be found at Pasni district of Gwadar. It is quite an beautiful isolated place. It also known as the island of the seven hills and variety of birds. There are unique animals, and plants in the region. Tourist can enjoy camping, scuba diving, and fishing on this island.

gwadar astol iland in Port City Gwadar

2- Gwadar Port

Gwadar port is located on very important geographical location. It has three most important cross-roads on the oil rich Middle East in the central of Asian countries and Pakistan. For strategic point of view it connects Pakistan to all major trading spots. It is considered as the best place for visit and for potential business deals at the best point.

ships at gwadar port in Port City Gwadar

3- Hammerhead

Hammerhead is the beautiful point at Gwadar which has resembling as the shape of the hammerhead whale. This is another beautiful view which also provide a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea on its southern side and a breathtaking view of the Gwadar city on its north.

beautiful famous hammerhead beach in Port City Gwadar

4- The Sphinx

The Sphinx another famous beautiful visiting places which is located in Gwadar. Basically It is a rock which have head like a women and body like a lion. This is a naturally astonishing rock which has shaped like the Sphinx. Visitors can be reach there by the top of the range on right.

The Sphinx famous place in Port City Gwadar

5- Princess of Hope

The Princess of hope is located on the largest national park in Pakistan. Princess of Hope is one of the major attraction point for tourist in the beautiful port city Gwadar. As per history it was carved on the same way as the sphinx and the hammerhead can be found.There is also a Mud Mountains that covered the regions. Princess of hope is a statue of a female and which is quite impressive. It looks like man made shape due to immense size.

The proncess of hope is a famous place in Port City Gwadar

6- Buzzi Pass

Buzzi pass is also a beautiful place. People like to travel to Gwadar due to its attraction also. I has most beautiful spectacular scenery on each side. It is wonderful places for enjoy the summer holidays. It was named on behalf of the famous king Alexander who passed by here on this pass.

The bussi pass is a famous place in Port City Gwadar

7- Ormara Beach

There is another attraction point of Ormara Beach in Port City Gwadar which lies between Karachi and Gwadar. Naval operations are also performed there by the Pakistani navy. It has distance around  240 kilometers from Karachi and away from Ormara beach.

It has quite an beautiful impressive sight as you want to see and you can see. You can also see various running naval carriers from the beach. It is untouched natural beaches in the country.

ormara beach in Port City Gwadar

8- Desert

Pakistan is also a land of hot and cold deserts. There are varieties of deserts which can be found in the region of Bahawalpure Punjab. Only Pakistan has also world’s coldest desert at Skardo in the mountains. Beautiful deserts can be found in Gwadar which is attraction point for tourists. In Pakistan locals and tourists enjoy the regular jeep rallies in every years in winter and summer as well based on different deserts.

Famous desert in Port City Gwadar

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