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Largest City Quetta

Largest City Quetta is a famous city in Balochistan province of Pakistan. Quetta is also city which is the part of CPECPeople of Quetta are nice and hard workers. Weather is almost pleasant throughout the year. Pakistan first leader Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah selected Quetta for his last days of life due to pleasant weather. Visitors can also go to Gwadar by bus using quetta city.

Following are balochistan famous places to visit in city:

1- Residency of Qaud-e-Azam

ziarat-quetta-balochistanResidency of Qaud-e-Azam is the famous beautiful place in ziarat in the district of balochistan which is 8 kilo meters away from the city.

2- Urak Valley


Water falls can also be found there. In Uraka Valley which is around twenty kilometer from the city and there is a water fall, surroundings with peaches trees, pomegranate trees and orchard apple trees. The falls also gives a attractive sight to visit where it ends.

3- Hazarganji Chiltan National Park


Hazarganji Chiltan National Park is another beautiful place to visit. It is around 10 miles away from the city. It is surrounding with beautiful mountains and juniper, pistachio and almond trees.

4- Kan Mehtarzai railway station


Kan Mehtarzai is oldest railway station. It is located from 2,224 meters of the city which takes 2 hours journey.

5- Queetta Bazars


There are three main Bazars (Markets) Suraj Gang Bazar and Liaqat Bazar.  Localized handworks things can be found there, also you can found pelt coats, undershirts, jackets,  jewelry, shoes and sandals in the bazars.

6- Recreational Parks


There is a beautiful Recreational Park for the citizens. Apricot trees and orchard apple trees can be found in the  park. There is also a beautiful stunning Green River Hanna Lake.

7- Museum of Quetta


There is a museum in quetta very near to bazaars. It’s name is archeological Museum. Visitors can find the oldest and rare things in the Museum.

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