Taxila City

Modern city Taxila

Taxila meaning “City of Cut Stone”. It is an special archaeological site in Indian subcontinent situated at awesome place with the same name in PunjabPakistan. It lies about 32 (kilometer)  north-west of Islamabad.It is one of the neat and clean city of the Pakistan.

There are some worth places to visit in taxila:

  • City’s museum
  • Jandial
  • Dharmarajika
  • Mohra Morado

1- Taxila museum

Texila Meusum
the city museum is located in taxila city in province of Punjab, contains the art and design of between 1st to 7th century. The most of the things were excavated by ancient city. Visitors visit this place and experience the cultural and historical things.

2- JandialJandial Texila

Jandial is very near to city in Punjab. It is a famous place site along with ancient temple. Jandial is an iconic columns which attracts visitors.

It is located at the altitude of 630 meeters from the see level in the northern gate of Sirkap. Temple was contracted between 1912–1913. It has contracted by Archaeological Survey of India in the period of John Marshall. Local people knows that Hellenic structure found yet.

3- DharmarajikaDharmarajika Texila

The Dharmarajika Stupa place which is referred as a Great Stupa which is a worth place to visit. It is oldest  Buddhist stupa near the City. It has nice weather is atmosphere is moderate through out the year. We can found this beautiful place in traveling to Peshawar from Islamabad.

It was build in second century of CE and at that time it was constructed to house a small bone with fragments of Buddha. In year 1980 it has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

4- Mohra MoradoMohramoradu Votivestupa

There is a Mohra Muradu which is famous visiting place. It has an ancient view Buddhist Stupa and very near the ruins of City. It has beautiful valley and beautiful views surrounding with mountains.

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