Abbottabad Pakistan

City of the pines Abbottabad

Abbottabad is a district of province,Pakistan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Hazara is part of abbottabad the city of Abbottabad being the principal town. It has many hart warming places to  visit.

Following are top places in Abbottabad you should must visit:

  1. Nathia gali
  2. Mushkpuri top trail
  3. Miranjani trail
  4. Thandiani
  5. Sajikot Waterfall

1- Nathia gali

Nathia Gali

It has the hill house at top, And located at galyat Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is  86 kilometers  away from Islamabad, About 3-hour drive from Kashmir road. Exploring natural scenes,Hiking trails and awesome scenes attract visitors.

It has atmosphere temperature in summer, around 10 to 20 has the temprature about -9 in January- February. Nathia gali has highest altitude places in surroundings.

In  the middle way b/w Murree and Abbottabad around 32 (kilometers) from these two visiting  places in nothren areas. You can book rest places located in the area for your rest.

2- Mushkpuri top

Trip to Mushkpuri Top

It is the beautiful highest mountain in Galyat region, It has the altitude of (9200 ft), located rightly over has long as about 4 km with a good and fresh track,if you go there I am sure you will have a lot of fun, But in winter it will be slippy due to snow fall.when you reach the mukshpuri top you will feel great.

The weather is pleasent and there is fresh air.the weather in middle summer is 12 to 16, And in winter its temperature gets -6 to -9 with awesome winds.

You will reach the mukshpuri top in 2-3 hours. there are two paths for climbing, one from DungaGali and one from Nathia gali. Its majority of the area is covered with  conifer forests which only grew in higher area and used for medicine . There will be hart-warming  view at mukshpuri top, And if weather will clear so you can see following

  • Murree
  • Murree Tehsil, Islamabad
  • Jhelum River
  • Circle Bakote

    3- Miranjani trail

    Miranjani Hill Top Picnic Point Nathia Gali KPK Pakistan

    miranjani is the highies peak in the region Galyat. It has got height of (9816 ft) And have a track of 4.96 km. If you are not expert so it can take 3-4 hours to reach top. It also has two points. One from Nathia Gali and another from Dagri Bangla Resthouse, Abbottabad.

    I will recommend you to visit this place, It has green plants and have Ideal temperature.


4- Thandiani

Thandiani Abbotabad Pakistan

The name of this place is explaning every thing, Guess what? It means very cold. The temperature remains cold through out the year. It is known for extreme cold,You can relax and enjoy in this place. Abbottabad’s distance from this place is 31 km, (2700) meters above sea level.And has pine forest around it.

5- Sajikot Waterfall in Abbottabad Tehsil


The location of this place is in Havelian Tehsil, Abbottabad place.The distance of this lake from Abbottabad is about 47 km away.The Sajikot takes the attention of the visitores becouse of its beauty.

Water falling from the area  reflects the beauty of nature makes Sajikot waterfall an awesome place to visit.

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