City of Textile Industry Faisalabad

Textile Industry Faisalabad

Textile Industry Faisalabad

Textile Industry Faisalabad is considered as backbone economy of Pakistan. Faisalabad is the famous textile industry city of the Pakistan. It is the third largest city of Pakistan. Textile industries are playing main role in production and distribution of yarn, cloth and clothing.

There is a famous Ghanta Ghar or Clock Tower which is located within its center of the city. It was founded by Sir Charles Riwaz in year 1903. Charles was the British Lieutenant Governor of Punjab. It is also famous architectural marvel to behold. Below is an aerial view of the city.

the arial vie of faisalabad city Textile Textile Industry Faisalabad

It has 8 different markets around the clock tower, each named after an area or city that it is directed towards. Following are eight famous markets:

  1. Jhang Bazaar
  2. Bhowana Bazaar
  3. Chiniot Bazaar
  4. Karkhana Bazaar
  5. Katchery Bazaar
  6. Amin Pur Bazaar
  7. Montgomery Bazaar
  8. Rail Bazaar

Following are more famous places to visit in Faisalabad.

University of Agriculture Faisalabad

The University of Agriculture (UAF) is a public university in Faisalabad City in Pakistan. In the agriculture field it has 4th rank in Pakistan and 1st rank in the field of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences which is announced by Pakistan higher education commission (HEC) Ranking 2019.

It is highly reputable university, also came among top 5 institutions of Pakistan in research power. It was established in year 1906. It was the only first major institution of higher agricultural education in the undivided Punjab. After 1947.

After the existence of Pakistan in 1947, the Government of Pakistan appointed the National Commissions on Food and Education to reform int existing agrarian system. It has 1,950-acre  area and multiple campuses which are lush green with a monolithic blocks built in modern style.  

The university has more than 800 facility teachers, it has boys and girls hostels and it accommodates over 15,000 students and approximately 12,000 day scholars.

University of agriculture Faisalabad in Textile Industry Faisalabad

Jinnah Garden

Jinnah garden Faisalabad is the central and biggest beautiful park of the Faisalabad City. It again has recently been decorated and renovated. It has 4 km jogging track. It also has old trees and beautiful flowers, include exercise place and swings which attract the familiesJinnah garden Faisalabad in Textile Industry in Faisalabad Pakistan

Faisalabad University

There is another well reputed university “University of Faisalabad”. It is situated in Madina town in Faisalabad. It was established in year 2002.

It is on 3rd ranked after Lahore University of Management Sciences and Iqra University by Higher Education Commission (Pakistan). University is offering programs in management, engineering, computer science, health sciences, arts and humanities.

Faisalabad University Textile Industry Faisalabad

Layllpur Meusum

Before the City of textile industry Faisalabad it has old name as Lyallpur. There is a Lyallpur Museum is an old heritage museum in FaisalabadPakistan. It was established in year 2011 by the Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif.

There are around 10 galleries in the Museum which show the ancient and modern history and culture of Faisalabad. Museum also has a Board of Governors now headed by the Commissioner, Faisalabad Division.

Lyallpur Museum - Textile Industry Faisalabad

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