Twins city Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi City which also famous as a twins city of Pakistan because it is neighbor city of Islamabad of Punjab Pakistan. It has 14 kilo meter of distance from Islamabad. Islamabad is current capital of Pakistan.

Following are top places in rawalpindi you should must visit:

  1. Pindi Golf Club
  2. Beautiful Rawal Lake
  3. Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium
  4. Raja Bazaar
  5. Liaqat Park

1- Pindi Golf Club

Golf Club Pindi, Pakistan

Golf Course is a beautiful club in the City which was completed in year 1926. In the beginning it had 9 holes, gradually holes increased and it has around 27 holes currently. This club is sponsored by The consecutive Chief Executives of Pakistan.

It has a beautiful background with mountains and Faisal Mosque as well. It has increased the life style of citizen and always busy in every season.

2- Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium Pindi, Pakistan

Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium is another beautiful places to visit especially in cricket season. It is an international stadium, in the year 1993 first match was hosted by the stadium. It has capacity of people around 2500 thousands and remains busy in Pakistan Super Leagues (PSL) matches.

3- Beautiful Rawal Lake

Rawal Lake, Pindi, Pakistan.

Rawal Lake is the one of the beautiful visiting places. It is situated near bani gala. Residence of the City and Islamabad enjoyed this places in weekends and visitors also comes from the all over the Pakistan. This lake also provide fresh water to the citizen of  Islamabad and Pindi. Visitors can enjoy fishing boating and picnic.

4- Liaqat Park


Liaqat Park, Pindi, Pakistan.

There is a most famous Liaqat Park in the City to visit. This park is used for enjoy weekends and people also use as a jogging track. It is most attractive places in the City. It is beautiful trees, flowers, running track. It is situated near Raja Bazaar. Citizens and Visitors can enjoy the whole day in weekends or tour day as well.

4- Raja Bazaar

Raja bazaar, Pindi, Pakistan.

Rajah bazaar is busiest bazaar in the middle of the City. Extremely crowded can be found everyday there. Historical and cultural stuff can be bought from this place. You can also buy dry fruits and warm cloths as well. There are many famous restaurants, you can grab lush food items every time in day and night time.


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