Astola Island – Balochistan | The Island of Seven Hills | The Hidden gem of Pakistan

Astola Island - Pakistan's first Marine Protected Area | Conservation of Biodiversity in Astola Island

Astola Island

This island is located 25 km in the south from the Makran coastal highway and about 40 km in the southeast from the seaport of the fishery the Pasni. It is also known as Gezira Haft Talar Satadip which means the island of seven hills.

Astola Island, Balochistan , Pakistan

It is the only island in the regional waters of Pakistan and the northern Arabian sea. It has a length of 6.7 km and a width of 3.2 km. It is said that the army of the Great Alexander stayed here. The island’s hills, 246 feet above sea level, have caves on the ground and in the middle.

Reaching the hilltop is a difficult task. There is a steep path to this area. A mosque is situated on the island and signs of Kali Mata temple can be seen.

The government of Pakistan has established a solar power plant on the island. The people coming for fishery can benefit from this power plant.

You will be amazed to see the beauty of plants on the seashore and the creatures in the sea in Astola Island. One day trip from Pasni can be enjoyed here. This place is ideal for Camping, swimming, surfing, scuba diving, fishery, and water sports.

Key information about Astola Island 

Aspect Details
Location Arabian Sea, off the coast of Balochistan, Pakistan
Geography Largest island in Pakistan, rocky outcrop, seven small hills
Distance from Pasni Approximately 25 kilometers southeast
Biodiversity Designated wildlife sanctuary, rich marine life, diverse bird species
Flora and Fauna Adapted plants to arid and rocky environment, nesting site for birds
Coral Reefs Surrounding waters feature coral reefs, contribute to marine biodiversity
Conservation Status Marine protected area, conservation efforts in place
Accessibility Limited tourism, special permits may be required
Cultural Significance Myths and legends associated with its formation
Historical Use Used by fishermen and traders historically
Tourism Limited, activities include snorkeling and bird watching
Environmental Challenges Faces threats such as overfishing, pollution, and climate change

Astola Island

Historical Significance

Astola Island, also known as ‘Island of the Seven Hills,’ carries a rich history embedded in the folklore of the region. Local myths and legends surround its formation, adding an air of mystique to this rocky outcrop. Historically, Astola Island has served as a point of reference for fishermen and traders navigating the waters of the Arabian Sea.

Biodiversity and Conservation

Beyond its historical allure, Astola Island stands out for its diverse ecosystem. Designated as a wildlife sanctuary, the island is home to various marine species and serves as a crucial nesting site for birds. The surrounding waters boast vibrant coral reefs, contributing to the overall marine biodiversity. Recognizing the ecological importance of Astola Island, conservation efforts have been implemented, and it has been declared a marine protected area.

Tourism and Famous Historical Places

Astola Island’s unique landscape attracts a select number of tourists each year. With limited accessibility to minimize environmental impact, visitors can explore the seven small hills and engage in activities such as snorkeling and bird watching. While the island itself holds historical significance, the broader Balochistan region is adorned with several famous historical places, each telling a story of the rich cultural heritage of the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Astola Island?

A: Astola Island, also known as ‘Haft Talar’ or ‘Island of the Seven Hills,’ is a small uninhabited island located in the Arabian Sea, off the coast of Balochistan, Pakistan.

Q: How do I reach Astola Island?

A: The island is accessible by boat from Pasni, a town on the Makran coast of Balochistan. It is advisable to arrange transportation with local boat operators.

Q: Is Astola Island open to tourists?

A: Yes, Astola Island is open to tourists. However, visitors should obtain the necessary permits from the local authorities before planning their trip.

Q: Are there any accommodations on Astola Island?

A: No, there are no accommodations on the island. Visitors usually camp on the island, and it’s essential to bring camping gear and supplies.

Q: What is the best time to visit Astola Island?

A: The best time to visit Astola Island is during the winter months, from November to March, when the weather is relatively mild.

Q: Can I engage in water activities around Astola Island?

A: Yes, visitors can engage in snorkeling and scuba diving in the clear waters around Astola Island. The marine life and coral reefs make it a popular spot for underwater activities.

Q: Are there any restrictions for visitors?

A: Visitors should respect the ecological and environmental significance of the island. It is essential to follow local regulations and guidelines to preserve the natural beauty of Astola.

Q: Is there a fee for visiting Astola Island?

A: There may be an entry fee or permit fee for visiting Astola Island. It is recommended to check with the local authorities for the current regulations and fees.

Q: What wildlife can be found on Astola Island?

A: Astola Island is home to a variety of wildlife, including birds and reptiles. It serves as a nesting ground for endangered green sea turtles.

Q: Can I bring my own food and water to Astola Island?

A: Yes, visitors are advised to bring their own food, water, and other supplies, as there are no facilities on the island. It’s crucial to practice responsible tourism and carry back all waste.

Q: Is camping allowed on Astola Island?

A: Yes, camping is allowed on Astola Island, and it provides a unique experience for visitors who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the island. Campers should follow Leave No Trace principles.

Wind Up Lines

Astola Island stands as a pristine gem in the Arabian Sea, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and marine wonders. Accessible by boat, this uninhabited island welcomes adventurous souls to experience its untouched shores and vibrant marine life. As you plan your journey, remember to obtain the necessary permits, bring your camping gear, and immerse yourself in the tranquility of Astola’s seven hills.

Cherish the opportunity to explore the underwater realm through snorkeling and diving, respecting the delicate ecosystem. Make memories, leave only footprints, and revel in the extraordinary allure that Astola Island, Balochistan, graciously unveils to those who seek its enchantment.

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