Makran Coastal Highway N-10 – Balochistan

Fascinating drive - Makran Coastal Highway | Beautiful place of Balochistan - Makran

Makran Coastal Highway

Balochistan coastal highway starts near Karachi and ends at Gwadar port near the Pak-Iran border. This highway is a part of national highway N-10.

Before the construction of this highway, Karachi was linked to Gwadar through a single rough road. After the completion of this highway, the distance remained to 6 hours only. Before that, it was about 2 days long. It is also established by the architect of Resham Highway.

The captivating scenes of coastal highway greenery, blue seashores of Pasni, Jeuni, Mara, and Gwadar are the weakness of tourists.

Makran Coastal Highway

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