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About Warrior Sultan Shahab-ud-Din Ghori

Sultan Shahab-ud-Din Ghori

His real name was Muhammad Bin Sam. He was born to Bahauddin Sam bin Hussain in 1150. He got high ranks in Army because of his skills.

In 1175, he captured Multan and Uch Sharif by invasion. In 1179, he raided Gujrat. In 1181, he attacked Lahore and set the foundation of the Ghori empire by defeating Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavid. In 1911, he built the Sialkot fort. The armed troops of his army defeated Rajput Prithvi Raj Chohan and his allies, the emperors of Delhi and Ajmer military. They again won the battle in 1192.

He became the king after the death of his elder brother Gias-ud-Din. In 1206, he traveled to Lahore to crush a rebellion. He stayed in Dhamiak village district Jhelum after the eradication of the rebellion. A Hindu attacked him and his three guards while he was offering evening prayer. They were all martyred.

He was buried on the death spot according to his will.

The Indian army named their missile after Prithvi Raj since Shahab-ud-Din had defeated him two times, the Pakistan army named their medium-range ballistic missile Ghori Missile to give him a tribute. The tomb of this brave general is beyond Dina, 13 km on the right side of the Chakwal motorway in Dhamiak village.

Beautiful shrine of brave sultan Shahab-dd-din Ghori who conquered Delhi

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