Gwadar Beach Resort | All About Gwadar Seaport – Balochistan

Gwadar Seaport - One of the most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Gwadar Beach Resort

Gwadar Beach Resort is 100 km to the west of Pasni, Gwadar seaport is located. Many small seaports for fishery are located in between the two ports. Shumal Bandar, kapar Bandar, and Sur Bandar are prominent seaports.

At the time of the creation of Pakistan, Gwadar and the surrounding area of 300 miles were under the control of the Sultan of Masqat. In 1949, prime minister Liaqat Ali Khan demanded that Gwadar is a part of Pakistan.

Gwadar Pakistan

The sultan didn’t agree to give it without any cost. When Feroz Khan Noon was elected as a prime minister, he purchased this place worth 4 million pounds. A contract was signed on 7th September 1958.

Now the government is trying to convert this zone into an international seaport.

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