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میرا سوہنا شھر قصور نی

 جدیاں دھماں دور دور نی

It is one of the oldest cities in Pakistan. Situated 53 km away in the south of Lahore, it is famous worldwide for its daily flag-raising ceremonies on the border with India.

It is well-known for the variety of food. Fried fish, Falooda (a dessert), Andrassy, and Kasuri Fenugreek are famous items. It is a city of renowned personalities. Baba Bulleh Shah and the queen of melody Noor Jahan belonged to this city. She sang national songs during the Indo-Pak war of 1965 and represented the people of Kasur and Pakistan

Key information about Kasur 

Heading Information
Location Punjab, Pakistan
Coordinates 31.1151° N latitude, 74.4462° E longitude
Establishment Ancient city with a history dating back to the Mughal era
Area Approximately 3,995 square kilometers
Population Over 3 million
District Capital Kasur City
Languages Punjabi, Urdu, English
Geography Situated on the border with India, fertile agricultural land
Agriculture Known for the cultivation of crops like rice and citrus fruits
Industries Agriculture-based, with emerging sectors in textiles and manufacturing
Education Numerous schools, colleges, and a university campus
Transportation Well-connected by road, with Kasur Railway Station
Historical Sites Kasur Fort, Tomb of Bulleh Shah, and various Mughal-era structures
Tourist Attractions Shalimar Gardens, Shrines, and Kasur’s vibrant bazaars
Economy Agriculture remains a primary economic driver, with emerging industrial sectors

A brief History of Kasur

Before the creation of Pakistan, Sikhs were living in the suburbs villages of Kasur while there was the majority of Muslims in the Kasur city. The Sikhs migrated to India after the separation. Different stories are famous about the name “Kasur”.

It is said that the son of King Ram led the foundation of this city and gave it the name Kasur after his name. His brother settled the city of Lahore after his name. According to another folk tale, the Afghan city was established in the Mughal king Akbar’s regime. The immigrants from Kabul built 12 forts there. The word fort has the meaning of “Qasr” in the Persian language. Therefore, it was named “Kasur” meaning the city of many forts.

Famous Places of Kasur

Kasur Museum

This museum is situated 2 km away from Kasur city on the highway going from Lahore to Kasur. Five galleries have been established there.

Kasur Museum, Punjab-Pakistan

Greek coins, models of Gandara civilizations, fossils of Chakwal, different items related to the Sikh era, handwritten Quran-e-Pak, Holy Quran written in Nastalik by Hafiz Murtaza Afghan Kasuri, weapons of Muslim regime, jewelry, and other valuable items are exhibited there.

Noor Jahan gallery is under construction here.

Baba Bulleh Shah

His real name was Abdullah Shah. He was a great Sufi poet and a philosopher who love humanity. He was born in 1680 in Uch Sharif near Bahawalpur. According to history, his forefathers immigrated from Uzbekistan.

Tomb of Baba Bulleh Shah

His spiritual teacher was Sufi Inayat Shah Qadri. He did spiritual poetry by following Punjabi poets like Shah Hussain (1538-1599), Sultan Baho (1629-1691), and Shah Sharaf (1640- 1724). Baba Bulleh Shah and Shah Abdul Latif Bhatti are contemporaries.

He died in 1757 and was buried in Kasur city.

Ganda Singh Border

Ganda Singh is the last village in Pakistan on the Indian Border. It is in front of village Hussaini wala district Feroz Pur of Eastern Punjab. It is named after army officer Ganda Singh (1830-1903).

It was opened for transportation in the decades of 1960 and 1970. However, it was closed and opened at the Wahga frontier near Lahore. The flag-raising ceremony is organized daily in the afternoon.

It is alike the ceremony held at the Lahore Wahga border. The river Sutlej flows near Ganda Singh.

Kasur Fort

Also known as Raja Jagat Singh Fort, this historical fort dates back to the 17th century and serves as a reminder of the city’s past.

Changa Manga Forest

A vast man-made forest, Changa Manga offers a natural escape with picnic spots, walking trails, and a lake for boating.

Nishat Cinema

An iconic cinema in Kasur, known for its architectural design and role in local entertainment.

Sheikhupura Fort

Although located in nearby Sheikhupura, this historic fort is often included in visits from Kasur. It showcases impressive Mughal architecture.

Gurdwara Sachcha Sauda

A significant religious site for Sikhs, commemorating Guru Nanak’s visit to Kasur.

Shrine of Sultan Bahu

This Sufi shrine is dedicated to the renowned Punjabi Sufi saint Sultan Bahu, attracting pilgrims and devotees.

Kasur Railway Station

A historic railway station showcasing colonial-era architecture and serving as a transportation hub for the region.

Schools in Kasur

  • Beaconhouse School System, Kasur Campus
  • The Educators, Kasur Campus
  • Government Comprehensive High School, Kasur

Notable Colleges in Kasur

  • Government Postgraduate College Kasur
  • Punjab College Kasur
  • Superior College Kasur

Prominent Hospitals in Kasur

  • District Headquarters Hospital Kasur
  • Shifa Medical Center Kasur
  • Chaudhry Hospital Kasur

Popular Restaurants in Kasur

  • Lahori Chatkhara Restaurant
  • Haveli Restaurant Kasur
  • City Grill and Barbecue Kasur
  • Food Street Kasur

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the historical significance of Kasur?

Kasur boasts a rich history dating back to the Mughal era, evident in structures like Kasur Fort and the Tomb of Bulleh Shah. These historical landmarks contribute to the city’s cultural identity.

How important is agriculture in Kasur’s economy?

Agriculture plays a pivotal role in Kasur’s economy, with the cultivation of crops like rice and citrus fruits. The city’s fertile lands contribute significantly to Punjab’s agrarian prosperity.

What are the notable educational institutions in Kasur?

Kasur hosts a range of educational institutions, including schools like Beaconhouse and colleges like Government Postgraduate College. The University of Kasur is a notable higher education landmark.

Are there healthcare facilities in Kasur?

Yes, Kasur provides healthcare services through hospitals like District Headquarters Hospital and Shifa Medical Center, ensuring access to medical facilities for residents.

What are the popular tourist attractions in Kasur?

Tourists can explore historical sites like Kasur Fort and the Tomb of Bulleh Shah. Shalimar Gardens and vibrant bazaars add to the city’s appeal.

Is there a railway station in Kasur?

Yes, Kasur has a railway station, contributing to the city’s transportation connectivity.

What are some famous restaurants in Kasur?

Lahori Chatkhara, Haveli Restaurant, and City Grill and Barbecue are popular dining spots, offering a variety of local and traditional cuisines.

Tell me about Kasur’s cultural landmarks.

Kasur has cultural landmarks like Arts Council Kasur and community centers that promote cultural activities and events.

How has Kasur evolved economically in recent years?

While agriculture remains a significant economic driver, Kasur has seen the emergence of industrial sectors, particularly in textiles and manufacturing, contributing to economic diversification.

What role does education play in Kasur’s identity?

Education is integral to Kasur’s identity, with numerous schools, colleges, and a university campus fostering intellectual growth and contributing to the city’s educational landscape.

Wind Up Lines

Kasur is the homeland of many famous and respectable personalities of Pakistan. It is one of the most ancient and historical cities in Pakistan.

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