Kund Malir Beach | Mud Volcanos in Balochistan

Kund Malir Beach - Mud Volcanos - Beautiful Places of Pakistan

Kund Malir and Volcano

Kund Malir is a wonderful site with mountains on one side, an ocean on the other side, and deserts on the third side. All of these can be viewed at the same time.

This area of the magical atmosphere is a three to four hours drive from Karachi. From Karachi, about the drive of one hour, comes the Hingol Bridge. After crossing this bridge, the dust blows from the grey mountains. These are the alluring volcanos of soil.

Kund Malir Beach

This place is sacred for Hindus. It is narrated that, billions of years ago, when the continents Asia and Europe collided with each other, great mountain ranges came into being such as Himalayan and Karakorum. Malaysia, Indonesia, and Pakistan become volcanoes of soil.

At the Kund Malir, the enchanted atmosphere of the sea scatters blue color. Even the footprints are not visible on the yellow desert spreading near this beautiful seashore. The splendid hills of Hanglaj are situated at some distance.

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