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Vehari is about 100km from the city of saints Multan. It is a historical city and the hometown of a famous personality, Major Muhammad Tufail. It is the district headquarters of three districts Burewala, Mailsi, and Vehari. Vehari is famous for the production of cotton.

Minhaj-ul-Quran Vehari

Some Famous Personalities and Places

Major Muhammad Tufail Shaheed (Nishan -e- Haider) He was born on 22nd July 1914 in Hoshiarpur eastern Punjab. He did his F.A. from the Government College Jalander and joined the army. In 1947, he got promoted to a Major. After the creation of Pakistan, his father molvi Meraj-ud-din shifted to Sahiwal Chak # 253-EB with his family.

In June 1958, he was transferred to East Pakistan rifles. On 2nd August 1958, the Indian Army occupied a frontier village named “Lakshmi Pur” in Brahman Barya in Eastern Pakistan. Major Tufail was given the task of liberating this area.

Major Muhammad Tufail Shaheed’s Tomb

On 6th August, he attacked this area with proper planning. The enemy was alert. During the advancement, machine gun bullets hit him at a distance of 10 yards in exchange for firing. He continued to fight despite being injured. He stopped the enemy by firing a bomb at the enemy’s machine gun.

During the fight, the Indian army corps fled away. Major Muhammad Tufail was admitted to CMH Kumala and he was martyred during the surgery. On 8th August 1958, he was buried in his village Chak # 253 EB Tehsil Burewala district Vehari.

He was awarded “Nishan -e- Haider”. The chak name was changed to Tufail Abad.

It is located 147 km from Multan.

Masood Jhandir Library

The largest private library in Pakistan is probably the one that is 12 km from Mailsi District Vehari and situated in a small town named Sardar Pur Jhandir.

A landlord of this area named Malik Ghulam Muhammad Chogta had a deep love and passion for books. He was a scholar and poet. In 1890, he led the foundation of a library.

After the death of Malik Ghulam Muhammad, his son-in-law Mian Sardar Muhammad Jhundair took the charge of the library.

Later on, his three sons made this library the biggest private library in Pakistan.

It has more than two lac books, including English and Eastern languages books, novels, and magazines. These books cover almost every topic.

Masood Jhandir Library

Quran -e- Pak in more than 30 languages are kept there.

In addition to this, numerous valuable archives are there. It is a references library and books are not issued. Proper arrangements are done for the accommodation of research scholars.

Wind Up Lines

Vehari is an agricultural city. Furthermore, its importance has increased in the Educational sector because of Jhandir Libray, the University of Education (UE) campus, and the COMSATS Vehari campus.

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