Rohtas Fort – The UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Neighbouring Sites of Rohtas Fort - Siri Chola Sahib, Tilla Jogian, Mangla Tourist Resort , Lehri’s National Park and Fort Nandana

Rohtas Fort

(Where Grandeur is Woven in History)


Completed in 1541, this fort was built by Sher Shah Suri (Farid Khan) for the suppression of Gagrahs. Actually, they used to help the Mughals against Sher Shah Suri.

At the completion of this fort, Sher Shah Suri said” I have stabbed the backbone of the enemy”. It is one of the greatest forts in South Asia. Different arguments are given about the meaning of the word Rohtas.

Rohtas Fort – UNESCO World Heritage Site

According to locals, Rohtas has the meaning of “Shining like an egg”. This fort used to shine in the night because of its construction material. That’s why it was named “Rohtas”.

There is also a Rohtas Garh Fort in India. Heavy large giant bricks are used in the construction of this fort instead of small bricks like in the other forts.

According to research, Rodomel had announced a gift of one gold coin to the mason as per day wage. This fort was completed in four years seven months and twenty-one days with the expense of 34 lacs and 25 thousand.

This fort with a perimeter of 4 km was divided into two sections. A 1750 feet high wall was constructed for dividing the residential area and military section.

The military size of the fort can be gauged from the fact that apart from artillery, 40,000 infantry and 30,000 troops were stationed here. About 86 large towers and 12 doors were built for the safety of the fort. Each door was numbered.

The most splendid, worth-watching part of this fort is its majestic boundary wall. It is still present in pretty good condition.

There is a small beautiful mosque near the Kabuli door. This mosque is one of the rare and splendid pieces of construction by Sher Shah Suri.

Raja Man Singh, a faithful general of Mughal ruler Akbar Azam built a palace. It was called Haveli Man Singh. it is located on the top of a high hill and its architectural style reflects Hindu architecture.

The palace of the widowed sister of Man Singh Srimati Roop Kumari is at a distance of 300 yards from his palace. Wells were dug called “Baoli” for fetching water. Baddi Bowli (water well)  and Sat Bowli are still present there.

The inhabitants of this area used to fetch water from these wells. A pond has been built there in the southern part and Eid Gah in the center.

The gallows of the fort are on the fourth floor. Considering the charming high workmanship, great architecture, and archaeological importance of this fort, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A museum is established on the upper building of Sohail gate. The sculpture of Sher Shah Suri, his two swords, weapons, coins, clothes, and many other rare things are exhibited there.

A signboard “Rohtas Fort 8 km” is hanging on the left side of city Dina on the G.T Road, about 15 km away from Jhelum.

The Neighbouring Sites of Rohtas Fort

1- Siri Chola Sahib

This building was constructed by Raja Ranjeet Singh and is located northwest of the Rohtas fort. It is used as a worship place by Sikhs.

It is said that Baba Guru Nanak gave the good news to the king that his seven generations would rule the Subcontinent. And this prediction came true.

2- Tilla Jogian

One of the oldest temples of Hindus Tilla Jogian is located in the southwest of Jhelum – the land of rain gutters, springs, and minerals besides Gorakh Natas, priests, sadhus, pandits, and monks.

It is narrated that the Tilla was established by Guru Gorakh Nath in the first century B.C. It is the highest peak of the Eastern Salt Range about 3200 feet elevated from sea level.

According to the research of General Ghangam, this temple of Tilla Jogain was present at the time of the Great Alexander. There are several historical buildings on the mountain top and in the surroundings.

These buildings have large water ponds, twelve temples, a Dargah, a Buddha monastery, and a water storage pond of Mughal and Central Asian style. The aerial view from Tilla Top situated 24 km from Rohtas Fort is so enchanting.

The sunrays first fall here at this top. That’s why thousands of years ago the Hindu worshippers of the Sun used to come here to preach about the sun.

It is mentioned in the folk tale of Waris Shah. Ranjha went to Tilla Jogian to take Jog for his Heer. The founder of the Sikh religion Baba Guru Nanak meditated here for forty days.

Raja Ranjeet Singh has built a memorial there. Mughal Monarch Jahangir visited this place many times. Old buses go to Tilla Jogain directed from Dena to Rohtas fort.

The historical sacred
place of Hindus and Sikhs

These buses will drop you on the way. You have to reach the Tilla top on foot. You can reach the top via jeep. It is an adventurous place for bikers. Please arrange water and food for the journey to the top.

A TDCP camping site and the kicking area are also there.

3- Mangla Tourist Resort and Army Water Sports Club

Mangla Dam was built in 1976 and is located a few kilometers away from Mangla Mirpur Road on Dena Bypass. A permission letter is required from PRO WAPDA Mangla or WAPDA House Lahore for visiting this dam.

Pakistan army’s resorts and private tourist resorts are established near the lake of the dam. There are facilities for sailing, rafting, water gliding, boating, and restaurants.

The enchanting site of mangla dam

You can enjoy it by motorboat, speed boat, water scooter, and launch.

4- Lehri’s National Park

This area is included in the National Parks of Pakistan and is located in Potohar Plateau Dina district about 10 km from G.T Road. It is near Lehri Village and is named after it.

Lehri National Park

5- Fort Nandana

Nanda Fort

This fort is located on a large mountain near Bhaganwala in Tehsil Pind Dad Khan. It was built with stones, mud, lime, and red sand. It has significant importance in history because of three sweet water wells.

Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavid defeated the grandson of the king Nandyal in the 10th attack. In the 13th century, the fort was demolished during the attack of the Mongols.

Renowned Muslim Tourist Al-Baroni stayed here. It is narrated that he measured the circumference of the Earth. There is a temple and a mosque.

During the excavation in 1976, thirty graves of Mehmood Ghaznavid’s armed men have been discovered.

Wind Up Lines

Pakistan is blessed with historical landmarks, beautiful lakes, and mesmerizing sites. Rohtas Fort is one of them. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The restaurants and hotels make it a good point for tourists and holidaymakers.

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