All About Potohar Plateau

The Minerals in Potohar Plateau

Pothohar Plateau

(سطح مرتفع پوٹھوہار)

The geographical boundary of the region Pothohar in the Indus River delta is from Jhelum to Attock. This region has an area of 12,944 square kilometers.

The seasonal streams have divided this area into small and large ups and downs. By merging these watercourses, the famous river of this area Soan came into being.

Potohar Plateau

Traces of millions of years old human civilization have been discovered on the river Soan bank.

In March 1976, the archaeological department of Pakistan in collaboration with the experts of an American university discovered a human jaw. According to the research report, this jaw is millions of years old.

The supervisor of the American Research team, Sir David Hill claimed that humans were living there about 20 million years ago.

This area is rich in minerals like natural gas, mineral oils, salt, gypsum, limestone, silica sand, and lots of others.

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