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Dera Ismail Khan

Dera Phullan Da Sehra


The second-largest city Dera Ismail of the province KPK is located on the western bank of the Indus River. It is at a distance of 311km from Peshawar, 320km from Lahore, and 190 km from Multan.

It is situated on the border of Punjab and KPK therefore, its culture is an amalgamation of both provinces. The river Indus flows alongside Dera Ismail Khan. That’s why there are many restaurants, family parks, and playlands there as picnic points.

The well-known educational asset of Gomal university is the identity of this city.

Department of Engineering and Technology in Gomal University, DI Khan

Famous Delicacies of Dera Ismail Khan (D.I Khan)

I- Sohan Halwa

The special confectionery item of Dera Ismail Khan is Sohan Halwa. Haji Abdullah Khan started this business 60 years ago with this name. Prepared with Green flour, cream, Makhan or butter, Pistachio, almonds, and sugar it is the individuality of Dera. There are dozens of shops that sell this confectionary item.

Mouth-watering confectionery item Sohan Halwa of DI Khan

II- Sobat- A special dish of Dera Ismail Khan

Sobat food is served especially to the guests in Dera Ismail Khan. While eating Sobat, all the members sit on the floor in a circle. A tray is placed on the sheet and Tortilla (Roti) crumbs are added. Chicken cubes with the soup are added above the crumbs. After a few moments, the soup is absorbed by the bread or tortilla pieces. They become crispy and spicy.

Delicious Sobat dish of DI Khan

All the members eat on the same plate according to the Islamic tradition. Spoons are separate plates that are not used. It resembles the favorite food of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ) which is Sareed or Sureed (ثرید).

III- Dhaki Dates

Dhaki is a small village which is 40 km from Dera Ismail Khan city on the Chasma road. The dates of this village are famous for their large-size and sweet taste. The production of these dates started in Dera Ismail Khan but it spreads to different areas.

Rich Green Orchards of Dhaki Dates in DI Khan

This type of dates is different from all other kinds of dates. They are removed before ripening. Then, these dates are fully ripened in the sunlight. These dates are full of energy and nutrition. Every year a three-day exhibition of these sweet dates is held.

Famous Historical Sites in Dera Ismail Khan (D.I Khan)


1- Hazrat Suleiman (A.S) and Takht Suleman

Takht Suleman is at an altitude of about 12,000 feet from sea level on Koh Suleman (Suleiman Mountain). He rested for a while on the smooth surface of the mountain during his sightseeing. The place where the Takht or couch landed is still called (Suleman) Solomon’s Throne. Solomon’s throne is yellow.

According to another tradition, the court of Hazrat Suleiman was held on the top of this mountain. It is six feet long, five feet wide, and one foot thick. It protrudes as a throne shed. Standing on the throne of Solomon, the view of the lush trees in the distance, and the snow-capped peaks of the mountains offer a beautiful view. These mountains are full of chilgoza trees. These mountains are covered with snow even in summer.

You cannot visit this area without warm clothes. The areas of Dera Ismail Khan, Wana, and Zhob can be seen clearly when the sky is clear at the top.

Takht Suleiman base camp is at Sheikh Mela site which is at a distance of 1.5 hours drive from Dera Ismail Khan. From this base camp, it is about a six to seven hours’ walk from here. It is better to take water and food with you. The PIA plane crosses over Takht Solomon during the flight from Dera Ismail Khan to Zhob.

The sacred mountain Takht Suleiman A.S in Dera Ismail Khan

2- Gamal Hayat Dheri

These ruins indicate a crowded city on the tonic road at a distance of 10km from Dera Ismail Khan. The artifacts from the excavations of 1960 are exhibited in Peshawar Museum.

3- Rehman Dheri

The ruins of Rehman Dheri are in the west on the Bannu Road at a distance of 20km from Dera Ismail Khan. The artifacts discovered in the excavations of 1976 resemble Harappan and Mohen Jodaro’s remains. It is because it is considered a thousand of year’s old settled city.

Rahman Dheri in DI Khan

4- Sheikh Badin National Park

It is located in the area of Panro pass Lucky Cement Factory 55 km away from Dera Ismail Khan on Bannu Road. From here a broken road leads to a mountain range called Badin which is 4516 feet high. It is the only hill station for the residents of Lucky Marwat, Dera Ismail Khan, and Bannu.

It attained the status of National Park by the forestry department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa because of its wildlife and lush green meadows. The 14-mile rocky trail, like Murree, takes about an hour and a half to reach.

The temperature is 30  in summer as compared to plain areas where the temperature goes beyond 50  Specially designed ponds of the British era are still there. Ice was stored in them during snowfall. Furthermore, Dak Bangalow, squish court, police station, check post, and other damaged buildings are there.

There is snowfall at times in two to three years during winter. You will have to go there through a special vehicle from Panro pass. A personal vehicle is much better. Take water and food with you.

Luxuriant meadows of Sheikh Badin National Park

5- Lal Mahra Tomb & Complex

A board has been erected to mark some historical tombs near Mahra, 40 km south of Dera Ismail Khan on the Indus Highway. According to this signboard, these tombs are 8km from the Indus highway in the west. They are called Handira in the local language.

These were eleven in number related to the commanders of the army of Sultan Alaudin Khilji. Now, only four are remaining. However, there are many graves in the cemetery linked to these tombs. The architecture of these four tombs resembles that of the shrines in Multan and Uch Sharif.

They are furnished with blue and colorful small tiles. The blue and green color paint still shines despite hundreds of years. A brick (ayahs were engraved) has been discovered which is kept in the Peshawar Museum. These tombs are under the archaeological department since 1978.

Lal Mahra Sharif, A beautiful masterpeice of anceint architecture

In the past ages, the trade caravans of Iran and Afghanistan used to come to India via this route. Some signs of this are found in Notak village and Churasaragra.

6- Kanveri and Girishah

These ruins are located near Rori town of Kulachi Tehsil of Dera Ismail Khan. The experts assessed the toys and coins discovered in the excavations of 1961 and revealed that they belonged to Mohen Jodaro and Harappan civilizations. The population and location of Gara Shada can be estimated from a mound spread over two square miles. Which is two miles northwest of Rudi.

7- Bil Fort (Bilot Sharif temples)

The area from Bilot Sharif to Dera Ismail Khan on the western bank of the river Indus was under the state of Hindu Raja Bil. He was the tax collector of Raja Jaipal of the Bhatinda Empire. Raja Bil built a grand fort on the nearby hilltop of his headquarters. Its remains are there. It is called Bil fort or Bilot Fort.

The Bilot City on the Dera Chasma road was settled after the name of king Bil. Now, it is called Bilot Sharif because of the family of Makhdoom Khan. There are signs of an old staircase and Hindu worship temples near Bilot fort. The British researcher General Gangham has written about these ruins and worship places in his book.

Bilot Fort, a historical landmark

8- Kafir Kot Fort

From Chashma Barrage, turn left for Lakki Marwat via Tung pass, then about six kilometers, a path on the left leads to the top of the hill. This 1km long route will take you to Kafir Fort. It is also a landmark of Hindu Shahi era. Its architecture is like Bilot fort and Mari Indus. It is also called Til fort.

Wind Up Lines

Dera Ismail Khan (DI Khan) is a historical city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is not only famous for its antique architectural buildings, and national park but also for delicacies.

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