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All About Mansehra District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Manshera city and district is ahead of Hazara Valley at a distance of 22km from Abbottabad. It was settled by Sikh ruler Man Singh of this area. It is named Mansehra after him.

This centuries-old city is related to the Buddhism religion too. The proof of this is Ashoka Rocks. The Resham Highway or Karakoram highway goes straight from here. While the Kaghan valley is on the right side. Mansehra is the base camp for Kaghan Valley. You can book a jeep or Suzuki for the valley. However, Jeep is a better option.

An alluring aerial view of Mansehra covered in snow

Historical and Tourist Spots in Mansehra

1- Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh

This beautiful Gurdwara holds significant importance in the center of Mansehra city. It is situated on Kashmir Road. This building is being utilized as a municipal library these days. It is renovated by the locals.

Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh is an asset for Sikh community

2- Ashoka Rock Edicts

A new monarch Chander Gapat Morya, established a state in the north of Ganga, 20 years after Alexander the Great left the Subcontinent. His reign lasted for 100 years in different areas of the Subcontinent. His grandson Ashok become the king in 274 B.C. He was the first ruler who issued orders for the nation and engraved them on the stones.

Upper Boulder with Inscriptions Mansehra Rock Edicts

When he converted to Buddhism, the pain and suffering inflicted on human beings by human hands had a profound effect on his heart that he became against killing not only human beings but also animals. As a head of state, he worked a lot for the progression and promotion of Buddhism. The Morya state tore into pieces after the death of Ashoka in 232 B.C.

His sayings engraved on the stones can be found in different parts of the subcontinent. His orders can be seen on the left side of Bhat Bridge and in the Park in Mansehra.

3- Petra Valley

You can enjoy an aerial view of Mansehra and neighboring areas from the Petra Point hill near Bala Kot Bypass. The day and night view from this top is fascinating.

4- Dadar Valley

A Suzuki van will take you to the Dadar Valley from the Mansehra bus stand which is recognized for the area of Stupas built in the Ashoka era. The sun’s rays on the shiny water of the river Sirin spread like a gold net in the whole valley.

A wonderful sight of Dadar Valley after rain

It was the favorite of the Britishers because of its healthy and clean environment. They also established a TB (tuberculosis) sanitorium. The trees in the woods in the suburb of the valley at the foothills of sky-scraping mountains, rich green fields, sounds of cascades, and the aroma of Chappal Kebab and Qahwa are awaiting you. Enjoy the thrilling waves of the river Sirin during the fishing.

Two central routes separate from Mansehra. The right turn is directed to Kaghan valley and the left side will take you to Karakoram or Resham highway, Gilgit, Hunza, and Khunjerab Pass.

5- Atter Shisha

A small village is named Atter Shisha on the Balakot Kaghan road a few distances away from Mansehra. It is well known for the story of Mughal King Jahangir and his wife Noor Jahan. They stayed here for some days during their visit to Kashmir.

The queen forgot her perfume and mirror here. It was named Atter Shisha (the name of perfume and mirror in the local language). A track is directed to Muzaffarabad (capital of Azad Kashmir) from Garhi Habib Ullah.

6- Sirikot

When you reach Tilli village from Garhi Habib Ullah via Dargha Sharif the pointed mountain of Sri Kot from the turn shows its appearance wrapped in fog. You will feel like it is December in July since it is located on the peak.

Coming here one realizes that the sweet fragrance of the soil is so much more than the money and it is better to lean against the trees here than to walk under hard sidewalks and modern buildings.

There are signs of Shiv Maharaj Temple and Barari Devi in a nearby village. A rest house, plum, and walnut trees are awaiting you there. The roads are blocked here from January to March because of the snowfall.

Ancient Shiva Temple of Hindus in Sirikot

Wind Up Lines

 Mansehra is a historical city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). It has many traces of the Gandhara civilization and the Buddhism era. Besides this, it is known for its beautiful sights, mountains, and lush green meadows

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