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History of Jacobabad | District Jacobabad - Sindh Province

Jacob Abad

Jacob Abad is a district of Sindh Province and also the center of Tehsil Saddar. The city is also named “Jacob Abad”. 50 km away from Shikar Pur, Jacob Abad is located near the border of Sindh and Balochistan and on the highway going from Sukkar to Quetta.

Jacob Abbad is located in the hottest area of Pakistan. The temperature goes beyond 52  in the summer season. Its old name was Khan Garh. Later on, it was named Jacob Abad in the salutation of British General Jon Jacob for his services.

Died on 26th September 1858, Brigadier General Jacob Jon’s residency and tomb are beautiful buildings.

An excellent example of Kashi tile work is Bukhari Mosque, a unique three-domed old grand mosque of the Kalhora period, two minarets, three large and several small domes.

Kot Jang Ju Masjid, Dove cot,  Astu Bhalandino mosque (Kashi tile work) and Victoria tower are worth visible buildings.

Jacobabad Junction Railway Station

Overview Of Jacobabad

Attribute Details
Location Jacobabad, Sindh, Pakistan
Geographical Coordinates 28.2810° N, 68.4388° E
Climate Desert climate with extremely hot temperatures
Temperature Often reaches temperatures above 50°C (122°F)
Hot Season April to September
Monsoon Season Limited rainfall during July and August
Average Rainfall Around 100 mm annually
Recorded High Highest temperature recorded: 53.5°C (128.3°F) in 2010
Factors Contributing to Heat Proximity to desert areas, low vegetation, and geographical factors
Challenges High temperatures pose health risks, water scarcity issues, and agricultural challenges
Significance Known as one of the hottest places in Pakistan and South Asia
Adaptations Local population adapts by using traditional cooling methods, staying indoors during peak heat, and adjusting daily routines
Infrastructure Limited air-conditioning and cooling facilities
Economic Activities Agriculture (mainly rice and cotton), but heat poses challenges to crop yields
Notable Events Regularly experiences heatwaves with extreme temperatures
Health Concerns Heat-related illnesses are common, and precautions are necessary
Government Initiatives Implementation of heatwave management plans and awareness campaigns
Future Challenges Potential increase in temperatures due to climate change, requiring sustainable adaptation strategies

Geographical Location

Jacobabad is situated in the northern part of Sindh, close to the border with Balochistan. It lies in a flat and arid region, characterized by vast expanses of barren land and minimal vegetation. The city is approximately 309 kilometers (192 miles) northeast of Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh.


The climate of Jacobabad can be best described as desert-like. It experiences a hot desert climate, which means that it typically has scorching summers and mild winters. During the summer months, the temperature can soar to extreme levels, often exceeding 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit). This heat is a result of its low elevation and geographical location, which places it in close proximity to the arid desert regions of neighboring Balochistan.

Summer Extremes

Jacobabad’s summers are notorious for their extreme heat. The city often makes headlines for recording some of the highest temperatures not only in Pakistan but in the entire Asian continent. The intense heat can be oppressive, making outdoor activities virtually impossible during the peak of summer. Residents and visitors alike have to take extreme precautions to avoid heat-related illnesses.

Winters and Mild Season

While the summers are unbearably hot, the winters in Jacobabad are relatively mild and pleasant. During the winter season, the temperature drops to more comfortable levels, making it a more agreeable time for outdoor activities and travel.

Economy and Agriculture

Despite its challenging climate, Jacobabad is an important center for agriculture in the region. The city is known for its production of dates, wheat, and cotton, with agriculture being a significant part of the local economy.

Military Presence

Jacobabad is home to an airbase of the Pakistan Air Force, which has strategic importance for the country’s defense.


The city is well-connected by road, and there is a railway station that facilitates transportation to and from Jacobabad.

Challenges and Opportunities

The extreme weather conditions in Jacobabad present challenges for the residents, but the city’s strategic location and agricultural activities offer economic opportunities. Efforts to mitigate the impact of extreme heat and adapt to the changing climate are ongoing, and Jacobabad remains an integral part of Sindh’s cultural and economic landscape.

Schools in Jacobabad

  • Government High School Jacobabad
  • The Educators School
  • Punjab Public School Jacobabad
  • Government Boys Degree College Jacobabad
  • Government Girls Degree College Jacobabad

Colleges in Jacobabad

  • Government Boys Degree College Jacobabad
  • Government Girls Degree College Jacobabad
  • Sardar Ghulam Muhammad Mahesar Science and Commerce College
  • Sardar Ghulam Muhammad Mahesar Law College

University in Jacobabad

  • Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur (Jacobabad Campus) – This campus offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Hospitals in Jacobabad

  • Civil Hospital Jacobabad
  • Medicare Hospital Jacobabad
  • Hashmani Medical Complex Jacobabad
  • Aftab Memon Hospital Jacobabad
  • Al Khidmat Hospital Jacobabad

Restaurants in Jacobabad

  • Al Sheikh Fast Food & Restaurant
  • Swagat Fast Food & Restaurant
  • Zaiqa Fast Food & Restaurant
  • Lahore Chatkhara Fast Food & Restaurant
  • Khayyam Fast Food & Restaurant

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the famous historical sites in Jacobabad?

Jacobabad boasts several historical sites, including the Mughal Fort (Khangarh Fort), the tombs of Hazrat Shah Jewna and Ghulam Shah Kalhoro, and the Jacobabad Clock Tower.

Tell me about the educational institutions in Jacobabad.

Notable educational institutions in Jacobabad include Jacobabad Grammar School, Sindh Public School, Fauji Foundation Model School, The Educators Jacobabad Campus, and Quaid Public School.

What are the popular dishes in Jacobabad?

Jacobabad is known for its diverse culinary offerings. Some popular dishes include Sindhi Biryani, Sai Bhaji, Sindhi Karhi, Sindhi Saag, Sindhi Pulao, Sindhi Kebabs, and local desserts like Kheer.

Can you recommend any famous healthcare facilities in Jacobabad?

Healthcare in Jacobabad is supported by institutions such as Civil Hospital Jacobabad, District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital Jacobabad, Bilal Medical Centre, Al-Hamd Medical Centre, and Fatima Medical Centre.

What challenges does Jacobabad face, especially regarding climate?

Jacobabad faces challenges related to its extreme climate, with high temperatures posing health risks. Sustainable solutions are being explored to adapt to climate changes and ensure the well-being of the community.

Are there any initiatives addressing the challenges in Jacobabad?

Yes, the government and local communities are actively involved in initiatives to address challenges, including the implementation of heatwave management plans and raising awareness about climate resilience.

What notable events or festivals are celebrated in Jacobabad?

While specific events may vary, Jacobabad, like many Pakistani cities, celebrates cultural and religious festivals such as Eid, which are marked by community gatherings, feasts, and festive activities.

How can one explore the historical and cultural aspects of Jacobabad?

To explore the historical and cultural facets of Jacobabad, visitors can visit landmarks like the Mughal Fort, tombs, and cultural centers. Local markets and festivals also provide insights into the city’s traditions.

Are there any challenges in the agricultural sector in Jacobabad?

The agricultural sector in Jacobabad faces challenges due to the extreme climate, affecting crop yields. Efforts are ongoing to address these challenges and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

How is Jacobabad adapting to modern trends and development?

Jacobabad is adapting to modern trends through its educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and community initiatives. Efforts are being made to blend tradition with modernity for a sustainable and vibrant future.

Wind Up Lines

Jacobabad stands as a city where history, education, cuisine, and healthcare converge, creating a dynamic and diverse community. As it continues to evolve, Jacobabad remains a fascinating destination, inviting all to explore its past, engage with its present, and envision its future.

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