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History of Jacobabad | District Jacobabad - Sindh Province

Jacob Abad

Jacob Abad is a district of Sindh Province and also the center of Tehsil Saddar. The city is also named “Jacob Abad”. 50 km away from Shikar Pur, Jacob Abad is located near the border of Sindh and Balochistan and on the highway going from Sukkar to Quetta.

Jacob Abbad is located in the hottest area of Pakistan. The temperature goes beyond 52  in the summer season. Its old name was Khan Garh. Later on, it was named Jacob Abad in the salutation of British General Jon Jacob for his services.

Died on 26th September 1858, Brigadier General Jacob Jon’s residency and tomb are beautiful buildings.

An excellent example of Kashi tile work is Bukhari Mosque, a unique three-domed old grand mosque of the Kalhora period, two minarets, three large and several small domes.

Kot Jang Ju Masjid, Dove cot,  Astu Bhalandino mosque (Kashi tile work) and Victoria tower are worth visible buildings.

Jacobabad Junction Railway Station

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