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All About Hazara (KPK) - History, Location, & Famous Sites


Hazara is a region of the province Khyber Pakhtunkhawa which is the amalgamation of the cultures of Shina (Kohistani), Pashtun (Swati Pashtu), and Hindko nations. It was called Arasha before the arrival of Islam. When the Mongols invaded the subcontinent, Ameer Taymor conquered Dehli and moved to Hazra via Kashmir.


Aspect Haripur, Hazara Khanpur, Hazara
Location Located in the Hazara region of Pakistan. Situated in the Hazara region, near Haripur.
Prominent Attractions 1. Sardar Haji Muhammad Khan’s Haveli. 1. Khanpur Dam – a major reservoir for water supply and recreation.
2. Tarbela Dam is nearby. 2. Picnic spots and scenic views.
Historical Significance Has historical landmarks and old buildings. Known for the Khanpur Dam, an engineering marvel.
Cultural Landmarks Some historical and cultural sites. The culture is influenced by the dam and its surroundings.
Accessibility Well-connected by road. Accessible by road from nearby areas.
Accommodations Several hotels and guesthouses available. Limited accommodations primarily catering to visitors.
Best Time to Visit Throughout the year, with pleasant weather. Best during the cooler months for outdoor activities.
Outdoor Activities Hiking, sightseeing, and exploring historical sites. Water sports, picnicking, and hiking near the dam.
Economic Contribution Contributes to the local economy through tourism and trade. The dam provides water supply and supports some local businesses.
Local Culture Rich in cultural diversity and traditions. The culture is influenced by the presence of the dam.

He was astonished by the beauty of this area. So, he decided to appoint his army in this area for protection and safety. His army had 1000 Mongols and Turks. It was named Hazra after the group of one thousand military people.

Load more ATTACHMENT DETAILS hhazara-waterfall-jab-valley
Hazraa Waterfall is one of the eight falls near Jab Valley

Hazara has Azad Kashmir in the east and river Jhelum, river Indus in the west, and Swabi on the other side. Gilgit Baltistan surrounds Hazra in the north and Potohor Pleateu in the south and southeast. This area has remained a source of attraction for the invaders of the West because of its natural beauty and clean environment.

This area looked like a lake in the summer, therefore, it was given the name Aorish. Aorish is a word in the Sanskrit language. Haripur was the old headquarter of Hazara. Now, Abbottabad has this status.


Haripur is the first city of Hazara on the Resham Highway (Karakoram Highway). Its foundation was laid by King Hari Singh Nalwa in 1823 during the Sikh regime.

This city of flowers, orchards, and fruits is renowned for its black hills too. The artisans and craftsmen of this area make different products from these black mountains stones. They make designs and inscriptions on these products. Such products with engravings on them have been discovered in Taxila which is near Hazara.

These archaeological artifacts have proved that this talent was at its peak in the past ages which makes it a unique city from the others.

A spectacular view of Bhuttri Dam in Haripur Hazara


Khanpur in the southeast of Haripur is well-known for the production of oranges. The orchards of this area have Lokat, Kinnow, and Lychee trees too. A beautiful dam is also established in Khanpur. It is a water storage dam with a good picnic spot. The lake of this dam has facilities for fishing, boating, sailing, swimming, river rafting, paragliding, and other water sports.

Khanpur Dam is an ideal place for a family picnic


1. Where is Hazara, and why is it known for its famous sites like Haripur and Khanpur?

Hazara is a region in Pakistan known for its scenic beauty and historical significance. Haripur and Khanpur are notable sites within Hazara.

2. What are some of the prominent attractions in Haripur, Hazara?

Haripur has several tourist attractions. Could you provide more details about these sites and their historical or natural significance?

3. What can visitors expect to see and experience in Khanpur, Hazara?

Khanpur is known for its attractions. What are the key points of interest in Khanpur, and what activities are available for visitors?

4. Are there any historical or cultural landmarks in Haripur or Khanpur that tourists should explore?

Visitors often seek out historical or cultural landmarks. What sites in Haripur and Khanpur offer insights into the region’s history and culture?

5. How accessible are these sites in Hazara for tourists, and what transportation options are available to reach them?

Transportation is a crucial aspect of travel. Can you provide information on how tourists can access Haripur and Khanpur in Hazara?

6. Are there any specific accommodations, restaurants, or facilities available for tourists in Haripur and Khanpur?

Convenience is essential for travelers. Are there hotels, restaurants, and other amenities to cater to the needs of tourists in these areas?

7. What is the best time to visit Haripur and Khanpur for the most enjoyable experience?

Weather and seasons can significantly impact the experience. When is the ideal time to visit these famous sites in Hazara?

8. Are there any outdoor activities, adventure opportunities, or natural beauty spots in Haripur and Khanpur that visitors should explore?

Outdoor activities and natural beauty often attract tourists. What options are available for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers in these areas?

9. How do these sites contribute to the overall tourism and economy of the Hazara region?

Tourism can play a vital role in the local economy. How do Haripur and Khanpur benefit the Hazara region in terms of tourism and economic development?

10. Are there any cultural events, festivals, or traditions in Haripur and Khanpur that visitors can participate in or witness during their visit?

Local culture and traditions can add depth to the travel experience. Are there any specific cultural events or festivals that visitors might encounter in these areas?

Wind Up Lines

Hazara Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is a historical and tourist spot. Khanpur dam, Bhuttri dam, and Haripur waterfall are the best picnic spots

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