Beautiful Tourist Spots in Kashmir – Gurez Valley & Taobat

Worth Watching Sites in Kashmir - A Travel Guide

Beautiful Tourist Spots in Kashmir – Gurez Valley & Taobat

1- Gurez Valley

It is spreading from Kel to Kakai village at an elevation of 8500 from the sea level. Tourists are so lost here that they do not want to go back.

This valley consists of small villages named Phalwai, Sardalai, Hilmat, Tao Batt, Durmat, and Dodgaii. Only Hilmat and Tao Butt are worth watching.

The beautiful valley Gurez

2- Hilmat

This village is 38km from Kel. Hilmat has a rest house and other facilities. People can also enjoy camping there.

3- Taobutt

Tao Butt is the last village of Gurez Valley near the borderline (LOC) a few kilometers away from Hilmat. The river Neelum at this point enters the occupied Jammu Kashmir from Azad Kashmir.

Tourists come to Taubat for a long time to embrace the natural landscapes. Private hotels and shops are there for residence.

Roaring water channel of Taobat Valley

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