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Sahiwal city

Sahiwal city is situated on the GT road 169 km from Multan city.

It is counted among the ancient areas. The river Ravi flows in the northwest of Sahiwal and the river Sutlej flows in the southeast. Before, the Mughal regime, Depal Pur was the capital of this area.

When the Britishers occupied Punjab, they declared Pakpattan as district headquarter. After some time, the offices were again shifted to Sahiwal. At that time, Montgomery was the governor of Punjab. This city was named Montgomery. On 16th November 1966, its old name was reinstated.


It is considered one of the best districts for agriculture. About 80 % of the skilled persons in the confectionery and biscuit industry belonged to this area.

It is the twin city of Manchester’s town named Rochdale. A milestone of Sahiwal is installed in the central area of Rochdale.

A stadium, auditorium, Majeed Amjad Park, Chaman Zar Park are famous places.

Key Info about Sahiwal PK

Heading Information
Name Sahiwal
Location Punjab, Pakistan
Coordinates 30.6727° N latitude, 73.1067° E longitude
Population Approximately 1.6 million
District Sahiwal District
Province Punjab
Official Language Urdu, Punjabi
Major Industries Agriculture, Livestock, Textiles, Power Generation
Climate Hot summers, mild winters
Education Sahiwal hosts several schools, colleges, and a university
Economy Agriculture-based, with emerging industrial sectors
Transportation Well-connected by road and rail networks
Cultural Sites Historical mosques, shrines, and local festivals
Tourist Attractions Parks, gardens, and local markets
Notable Feature Known for Sahiwal breed of cattle
Local Cuisine Traditional Punjabi cuisine with local flavors
Healthcare Hospitals and healthcare facilities available
Festivals Celebrates major Islamic and local festivals

Exploring The Sahiwal

Cultural Heritage

Sahiwal, with its historical mosques and shrines, echoes the cultural tapestry of Punjab. The city comes alive during local festivals, where the spirit of celebration reverberates through its markets and streets. Residents proudly uphold the traditions of Bhangra and other folk dances, adding a colorful dimension to Sahiwal’s cultural identity.

Economic Landscape

Agriculture is the lifeblood of Sahiwal’s economy. The fertile lands surrounding the city support a thriving agricultural sector, with a focus on crops, livestock, and the renowned Sahiwal breed of cattle. In recent years, Sahiwal has also seen emerging sectors such as textiles and power generation, contributing to economic diversification.

Tourist Attractions

Sahiwal offers a blend of natural and cultural attractions. Parks and gardens provide serene spaces for relaxation, while local markets showcase the vibrancy of daily life. The city’s architectural heritage, with historical mosques and shrines, invites exploration by those interested in the history and culture of the region.

Sahiwal Breed of Cattle

A distinctive feature of Sahiwal is the renowned Sahiwal breed of cattle. Known for its high milk-producing capability and adaptability to local conditions, this breed plays a significant role in the city’s agricultural landscape. The Sahiwal cattle breed has garnered recognition not only locally but also internationally.

Tourist attractions in Sahiwal

Qadir Stadium

Qadir Stadium is a prominent sports venue in Sahiwal, hosting various local and regional sports events. It is a hub of activity and a great place for sports enthusiasts.

Sahiwal Zoo

Sahiwal Zoo is a popular spot for families and animal lovers. It houses a variety of species, providing an educational and recreational experience for visitors.

Jinnah Park

Jinnah Park is a serene green space in the heart of Sahiwal, offering a relaxing environment for picnics, walks, and recreational activities.

Local Markets

Sahiwal’s local markets, such as the main bazaar and others, offer a lively and vibrant atmosphere. Visitors can explore these markets to experience the local culture, buy traditional crafts, and savor local flavors.

Famous Schools in Sahiwal

  • Bloomfield Hall School
  • The Educators Sahiwal Campus
  • Government Comprehensive High School

Notable Colleges in Sahiwal

  • Government College Sahiwal
  • Sahiwal Medical College
  • Punjab College Sahiwal

Prominent Hospitals in Sahiwal

  • Sahiwal Medical Complex
  • Farooq Hospital Sahiwal
  • DHQ Teaching Hospital Sahiwal

Popular Restaurants in Sahiwal

  • Salt Bae Sahiwal
  • Zaiqa Restaurant
  • Bundoo Khan Sahiwal
  • Food Street Sahiwal

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the significance of the Sahiwal breed of cattle?

A: The Sahiwal breed is known for its high milk yield and adaptability to local conditions, making it a vital part of Sahiwal’s agricultural landscape.

Q: How is Sahiwal contributing to economic diversification?

A: While agriculture remains central, Sahiwal has seen the emergence of sectors such as textiles and power generation, contributing to economic diversification.

Q: What are the cultural highlights of Sahiwal?

A: Sahiwal celebrates local festivals with enthusiasm, showcasing traditional dances like Bhangra. The city’s historical mosques and shrines add to its cultural richness.

Q: What educational opportunities are available in Sahiwal?

A: Sahiwal offers a robust education system, with schools, colleges, and the University of Sahiwal providing a diverse range of educational opportunities.

Q: How is Sahiwal addressing healthcare needs?

A: Sahiwal has established hospitals and healthcare facilities to ensure access to quality medical services for its residents.

Q: Are there tourist attractions in Sahiwal?

A: Yes, Sahiwal offers parks, gardens, and historical sites for visitors. Local markets also provide a glimpse into the city’s daily life and culture.

Wind Up Lines

Sahiwal emerges not only as an agricultural hub but as a city that treasures its cultural heritage, invests in education, and embraces economic diversification. Its unique blend of tradition and progress positions Sahiwal as a city of dynamic growth and rich possibilities.

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