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It is situated on the GT road about 37 km from Sahiwal. It was settled in the 19th century and it has Punjab’s most fertile land.

Its villages and towns are part of history. Haveli Lakha, Baseer Pur, and Deepal Pur’s history in this area is about 3000 B.C. Roy Ahmad Khan Kharal and Mehar Murad are proud freedom fighters of this land.

Gol Masjid, Okara.

In 1982, it was transformed into a district. There are army dairy farms that are famous for delicious Cheese. This district is also famous for Neeli Ravi and Sahiwal buffaloes.  It is situated on Faisalabad Road and about 14 km from Okara.

Bahadur Nagar Livestock farm holds significant importance due to a large number of buffaloes, bulls, sheep, and goats. Okara is Asia’s largest district of cold storage capacity. It is a modern city with the latest facilities of every kind.

Okara’s Jamiyah Mosque is a unique mosque of its own kind. Sit Garha fort and Mir Chakar’s tomb is located in Sit Garha town.

Key info about Okara 

Heading Information
Location Punjab, Pakistan
Establishment Formed as a district in 1982
Area Approximately 4,377 square kilometers
Population Over 3 million
District Capital Okara City
Languages Punjabi, Urdu, English
Geography Fertile agricultural land, part of the Bari Doab region
Agriculture Mainly known for the cultivation of crops such as wheat, rice, and sugarcane
Industries Agricultural processing, textiles, and small-scale industries
Education Several schools, colleges, and a university campus
Transportation Well-connected by road and rail networks
Historical Sites Limited historical sites, but notable for its cultural heritage
Tourist Attractions Local markets, parks, and recreational areas
Economy Agriculture is the primary economic driver, with emerging industrial sectors

Historical Significance

While Okara may not be renowned for ancient historical landmarks, its history is deeply rooted in the broader narrative of the Indian subcontinent. The region has witnessed the ebb and flow of various civilizations and empires. Over time, Okara has evolved from a part of the larger Montgomery District to a distinct administrative entity, reflecting the dynamic history of the region.

Famous Historical Places of Okara 

Thatta Ghulam’s Dhero (Thatta Kidona)

Thatta Kedona, a village development project.

This village is situated in Okara on Faisalabad Road and holds an exclusive international status. In 1993, Doctor Centa Sills trained the girls in the village that how to make dolls.

This process continued until these dolls and toys are exhibited in the museum and theme parks of the World. Many countries in the world prefer to use Pakistani dolls in the Puppet Show.

Deepal Pur’s Fort

The Deepal Pur fort is situated 17 miles away from Okara. Its foundation was led by Kind Deepal. It is narrated that Muhammad Bin Qasim also visited this place.

Famous for the army’s history, it was the capital of Punjab in the past. This fort is many centuries older than Shahi fort Lahore. It is present with its historical splendor. The historical temple, Hindu inn, and the Nankana Sahib’s Inn are historical buildings. People can also visit Bhamman Shah Gurdwara in suburbs.

Deepal Pur’s old Shahi Mosque

Feroz Shah Tughluq built a splendid mosque. The mixture for its building was made from the mixture of beans and jaggery. Its strong walls hold history in them. It remains cold in summer.

Depalpur Sharif

A Sufi shrine dedicated to Hazrat Baba Kamal Chishti, visited by pilgrims and devotees seeking blessings and spiritual solace.

Okara Military Dairy Farm

Known as the largest military dairy farm in Asia, it’s a significant center for dairy production and research.

Ghulam Mohammadabad

A town within Okara known for its vibrant bazaars and cultural significance.

Okara Baradari

A historic site with 12 gates, known as “Baradari,” that once served as a gathering place and a symbol of the city’s heritage.

R.C. Church Okara

A beautiful Roman Catholic church known for its architectural beauty and significance in the local Christian community.

Okara Cantt

The cantonment area of Okara, known for its well-planned layout and military presence.

Okara Railway Station

A historic railway station showcasing colonial-era architecture and serving as a transportation hub for the region.

Okara Fort

Also known as Raja Jajja Singh Fort, this historical fort stands as a testament to the region’s historical legacy.

Jamia Masjid Siddique-e-Akbar

A significant mosque in Okara known for its grandeur and cultural importance.

Bharoosa Sharif

A Sufi shrine dedicated to Hazrat Baba Ji Mouj Darya, attracting devotees and visitors.

Famous Schools 

  • Divisional Public School and College Okara
  • The Educators Okara Campus
  • Government High School Okara

Notable Colleges 

  • Government Postgraduate College Okara
  • Superior College Okara
  • Punjab Group of Colleges Okara

Prominent Hospitals 

  • District Headquarters Hospital Okara
  • CMH Okara (Combined Military Hospital)
  • Ali Hospital Okara

Popular Restaurants 

  • Hot ‘n’ Spicy Restaurant
  • Food Street Okara
  • Chatkharay Dar Pakwan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is the history of Okara District?

Okara District, established in 1982, has a history deeply rooted in the broader narrative of the Indian subcontinent. While not known for ancient landmarks, its evolution from part of Montgomery District reflects the dynamic history of the region.

What is Okara District known for agriculturally?

Okara is renowned for its significant contributions to agriculture, cultivating crops such as wheat, rice, and sugarcane. The district’s fertile lands make it a vital player in Punjab’s agrarian landscape.

Are there educational institutions in Okara?

Yes, Okara hosts a range of educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and the University of Okara. These institutions contribute to the intellectual growth of the community.

What are some notable landmarks in Okara?

Okara boasts historical sites like Depalpur Fort and the Haveli of Mian Khan. Additionally, landmarks celebrating agriculture include Okara Agriculture University and the Cotton Research Institute.

Are there healthcare facilities in Okara?

Yes, Okara provides healthcare services through hospitals such as District Headquarters Hospital and CMH Okara, ensuring access to medical facilities for residents.

What are the popular festivals in Okara?

Cultural festivals like Basant, the Urs of Shah Shams Tabrez, and the Okara Mango Festival are celebrated with enthusiasm, reflecting the district’s rich cultural tapestry.

Are there transportation hubs in Okara?

Okara is well-connected by road and rail, with hubs like Okara Railway Station and the Okara Bus Terminal facilitating transportation within the district and beyond.

What are some famous markets and bazaars in Okara?

Okara hosts local markets like the Grain Market and Model Bazaar, providing a glimpse into the daily life and commerce of the district.

Tell me about some educational landmarks in Okara.

Educational landmarks include the University of Okara and Okara Institute of Technology, contributing to the educational landscape of the district.

Wind Up Lines

Okara is a historical city with three Tehsils. It has the honor of Punjab’s most fertile land. It is famous for the production of potatoes, sugarcane, maize, and rice crops and livestock farming. The University of Okara is an educational hub for knowledge seekers.

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