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Historical City of Sindh - Hala | Distance of Hala from Hyderabad


On the National Highway, about 56 km from Hyderabad, Hala is located. It is famous for Glazed Pottery and Enameled woodworking.

The saint of 10th Hijri Hazrat Makhdoom Noh belonged to this place who embraced a lot of people to Islam. He was the first in South Asia who translated Quran e Pak in the Persian Language.

Hala is the town that depicts Pakistani Culture through its glazed pottery.

Hala city
hala city, pottery and handicrafts

Key Information About Hala

Aspect Information
Location Hala is a city in the Sindh province of Pakistan. It is situated in the Matiari District.
Geographical Coordinates Latitude: 25.6157° N, Longitude: 68.3097° E
Population As of the last available data, the population of Hala is approximately [insert population figure].
Language The primary language spoken in Hala is Sindhi. Urdu and English are also commonly understood.
Historical Significance Hala is known for its rich historical and cultural heritage. It has been a center of Sufi culture and is associated with various saints and shrines.
Economy The economy of Hala is primarily based on agriculture. The region is known for the production of crops such as rice, wheat, and sugarcane. Traditional handicrafts, including Hala pottery, are also significant for the local economy.
Tourist Attractions Shrine of Makhdum Nuh: A prominent Sufi shrine in Hala.
Hala Handicrafts: Known for its traditional pottery and other handicrafts.
Hala New Cloth Market: Famous for traditional Sindhi Ajrak and other textiles.
Education Hala has educational institutions ranging from primary schools to colleges, contributing to the educational development of the region.
Transportation The city is connected by road networks, and local transportation includes buses, rickshaws, and other modes of public transport.
Local Cuisine Traditional Sindhi cuisine, including Sindhi Biryani, Saag, and various local sweets, is popular in Hala.
Religious Diversity Hala is characterized by religious diversity, with a significant Muslim population. There are mosques and other religious institutions catering to the spiritual needs of the residents.
Climate Hala experiences a hot desert climate, with high temperatures in the summer and mild winters. Rainfall is relatively low, and the region is prone to drought conditions.

Explore the city of Sindh – Hala

Hala Handicrafts

The legacy of Hala’s handicrafts dates back centuries. The intricate and delicate craftsmanship has been passed down through generations. From beautiful handwoven textiles to stunning woodwork, Hala offers a wide array of handcrafted treasures.

Exploring Hala’s Craft Bazaars

A visit to Hala is incomplete without strolling through its vibrant craft bazaars. These markets are a treasure trove of exquisite items, including textiles, pottery, and traditional Hala caps. Each piece reflects the dedication and artistic prowess of the artisans.

Hala Glazed Pottery

The Allure of Hala Glazed Pottery

Hala Glazed Pottery is renowned worldwide for its unique beauty and craftsmanship. These exquisite pieces are often adorned with intricate designs and vibrant colors, making them highly sought after by collectors and art enthusiasts.

The Art of Hala Pottery Making

Discover the fascinating process of Hala Glazed Pottery creation. From shaping the clay to the final glazing, every step is a testament to the artisan’s skill and devotion. The result is a breathtaking piece of art that captivates anyone who beholds it.

Must-Try Experiences in Hala

1. Pottery Workshops

Immerse yourself in the world of Hala pottery by joining a pottery workshop. Learn the techniques, try your hand at the pottery wheel, and create your own masterpiece.

2. Exploring Hala’s Streets

Take a leisurely walk through Hala’s streets, and you’ll be greeted with the soothing sound of the potter’s wheel and the rich aroma of local cuisine. Don’t forget to stop by the local food stalls for a taste of authentic Sindhi dishes.

3. Visiting Artisan Homes

Many artisans in Hala welcome visitors to their homes and workshops. This is a great opportunity to witness the creation of Hala Glazed Pottery up close and interact with the skilled craftsmen.

4. Hala’s Annual Craft Fair

Plan your visit during Hala’s annual craft fair, a vibrant and lively celebration of the city’s artistry. You can shop for unique souvenirs and experience the city’s cultural festivities.


  • Hala Public School: A well-established institution known for its quality education.
  • Government High School Hala: A government-run school offering education at the primary and secondary levels.
  • Hala Montessori School: A popular choice for early childhood education and Montessori programs.


  • Government Degree College Hala: Offering intermediate and undergraduate programs in various disciplines.
  • Hala College of Commerce: Specializing in commerce and business-related education.
  • Sindh Agriculture University College Hala: Focusing on agricultural studies and research.


  • There are no universities located directly in Hala. However, nearby cities like Hyderabad and Karachi host several universities offering a wide range of academic programs.


  • Hala Medical Center: A primary healthcare facility providing medical services and consultations.
  • Hala General Hospital: Offering a range of medical treatments and services to the local community.
  • Private Clinics: Several private clinics and healthcare providers are available for routine medical needs.


  • Hala Food Street: A popular spot for local cuisine, offering traditional Sindhi dishes.
  • Al-Sheikh Fast Food: A casual dining option known for its quick bites and fast food.
  • Cafe Hala: A cozy cafe serving coffee, snacks, and light meals for a relaxed atmosphere.


Q: What is the best time to visit Hala?

A: The best time to visit Hala is during the cooler months, from October to March, to comfortably explore the city and its markets.

Q: Are Hala handicrafts expensive?

A: While some items can be pricier due to their intricate craftsmanship, you can find a wide range of affordable handicrafts in Hala’s markets.

Q: Is it possible to ship Hala Glazed Pottery internationally?

A: Yes, many stores in Hala offer international shipping for their pottery items, ensuring you can take a piece of Hala’s artistry home with you.

Q: How do I reach Hala from Karachi?

A: Hala is approximately a 2.5-hour drive from Karachi, and you can also use the train services to reach this charming city.

Q: What are some traditional Sindhi dishes to try in Hala?

A: Don’t miss out on Sindhi Biryani, Saag, and Sindhi Curry – all tantalizing dishes you can savor in Hala.

Q: Is Hala Glazed Pottery microwave-safe?

A: Most Hala Glazed Pottery is not microwave-safe due to the unique glazing process. It’s best suited for decorative purposes.


Exploring the city of Sindh – Hala, Hala handicrafts, and Hala Glazed Pottery is a journey into the heart of Pakistan’s culture and artistry. Whether you’re captivated by the beauty of Hala’s crafts or the allure of its Glazed Pottery, this city promises an experience like no other.

So, pack your bags, set out on this unforgettable adventure, and let the magic of Hala whisk you away.

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