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Famous Places of Dera Ghazi Khan

Dera Ghazi Khan

This city is located in Punjab Pakistan. It is abbreviated as D.G. Khan. Fort Manru is a famous tourist spot in the district of Dera Ghazi Khan.

Dera Ghazi Khan, a city nestled in the southwestern part of the Punjab province of Pakistan, beckons travelers with a unique blend of historical charm and natural beauty. Renowned for its cultural heritage, the city offers a captivating journey through time, allowing visitors to witness the legacy of ancient civilizations and the traditions of a vibrant local community.

From historical landmarks to picturesque landscapes, Dera Ghazi Khan emerges as a promising destination for those seeking an immersive and enriching travel experience. Join us on a journey as we unravel the tapestry of tourism in Dera Ghazi Khan.

Key  information about Dera Ghazi Khan

Aspect Details
Name Dera Ghazi Khan
Location Southwestern Punjab, Pakistan
Area Approximately 5,306 square kilometers
Population Around 2.9 million
Geography Situated along the western bank of the Indus River, characterized by a mix of plains and riverine landscapes
Historical Significance Dera Ghazi Khan has a rich history dating back to ancient times, with influences from various civilizations, including the Indus Valley Civilization and the Persian Empire. Notable historical landmarks include the Ghazi Khan Fort and the tomb of Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar.
Economy Primarily agrarian, with a focus on crops such as cotton, wheat, and sugarcane. The city also plays a role in trade and commerce due to its strategic location.
Culture Known for its vibrant cultural heritage, Dera Ghazi Khan reflects a blend of Punjabi and Saraiki traditions. The local festivals, music, and traditional dances add to the cultural richness of the region.
Education Home to various educational institutions, including Ghazi University and several colleges and schools. Educational facilities contribute to the intellectual development of the local population.
Tourist Attractions Ghazi Khan Fort: A historic fort with architectural significance.  Tomb of Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar: A revered Sufi shrine attracting pilgrims and tourists.  Taunsa Barrage: A scenic spot along the Indus River offering picturesque views.  Tomb of Ghazi Khan: The final resting place of the founder of Dera Ghazi Khan.
Infrastructure Well-connected by road and rail. The city has hospitals, markets, and other essential facilities for residents and visitors.
Challenges and Development Faces challenges such as water scarcity and socio-economic disparities. Ongoing development projects aim to address these issues and enhance the overall quality of life.

Sacred Shrines and Sufi Traditions

The city is home to the revered Tomb of Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar, a Sufi saint whose shrine attracts pilgrims and tourists alike. The ambiance around the shrine is infused with spirituality and cultural fervor, providing a glimpse into the Sufi traditions deeply ingrained in the region.

Famous Historical places In Dera Ghazi Khan 

Fort Munro

Fort Munro is a hill station built in the Suleman Mountains during British rule.

It is 174 km from Multan and 85 km from Dera Ghazi Khan. It is named after the former British Commissioner. It is 6470 feet above sea level and the only hill station in South Punjab.

It is an attraction for tourists because of its low atmospheric temperature than the surrounding areas. Many tribal chiefs of Balochistan and government departments have established rest houses.

This area is crowded in the summer season but it is deserted in the winter season. This area is famous for the mangoes and the cold climate in the summer season.

Fort Manru, Dera Ghazi Khan

Transport is available from Multan and Dera Ghazi Khan to reach fort Manru.

A TDCP resort and different hotels are there for a night’s stay. A beautiful lake, Ganji hill, and the graveyard of the British era are worth watching places. Sailing can enjoy in the lake of Dam.

The mountains in this area have minerals like iron, gypsum, and uranium.

Ghazi Khan Fort

A testament to the city’s historical legacy, Ghazi Khan Fort stands tall as a symbol of architectural brilliance. Dating back to various eras, the fort offers a captivating journey through the annals of Dera Ghazi Khan’s past.

Tomb of Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar

A revered Sufi shrine, the Tomb of Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar attracts pilgrims and tourists seeking spiritual solace. The vibrant atmosphere surrounding the shrine reflects the deep-rooted Sufi traditions of the region.

Taunsa Barrage

Nature enthusiasts can find respite at the Taunsa Barrage, a picturesque spot along the Indus River. The Barrage not only serves a functional purpose in water management but also provides a scenic backdrop for visitors.

Tomb of Ghazi Khan

Paying homage to the founder of Dera Ghazi Khan, the Tomb of Ghazi Khan is a historical site encapsulating the city’s origins. The mausoleum holds cultural significance and offers insights into the early days of the region.

Saddar Bazaar

For those interested in experiencing the local culture, Saddar Bazaar is a bustling marketplace offering a myriad of sights, sounds, and flavors. From traditional crafts to local delicacies, the bazaar provides a vibrant immersion into daily life.

Indus River Banks

The banks of the Indus River in Dera Ghazi Khan offer serene landscapes and peaceful surroundings. Visitors can take leisurely strolls along the river, enjoy riverine plains, and witness the tranquil beauty of the watercourse.

Choti Zareen

A historical site associated with Alexander the Great’s journey, Choti Zareen is an archaeological site that fascinates history enthusiasts. It is believed to be a location visited by Alexander during his campaigns in the region.


  • Beaconhouse School System, Dera Ghazi Khan Campus
  • The Educators School, Dera Ghazi Khan Campus
  • Divisional Public School Dera Ghazi Khan


  • Ghazi Khan Medical College
  • Government College for Women, Dera Ghazi Khan
  • Postgraduate College Dera Ghazi Khan


  • Ghazi Khan Medical College Hospital
  • District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital Dera Ghazi Khan
  • Chughtai Medical Center


  • Grill Avenue
  • Al-Kabab Restaurant
  • City Food Point

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What historical landmarks can be explored in Dera Ghazi Khan?

A: Dera Ghazi Khan is home to historical treasures such as the Ghazi Khan Fort, the Tomb of Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar, and the Tomb of Ghazi Khan, each encapsulating different facets of the city’s past.

Q: Are there natural attractions in Dera Ghazi Khan?

A: Yes, nature enthusiasts can explore the scenic beauty around the Taunsa Barrage and enjoy the lush landscapes along the Indus River.

Q: What cultural experiences can visitors expect in Dera Ghazi Khan?

A: Dera Ghazi Khan offers a rich cultural experience with traditional festivals, music, and dances. Exploring the local markets provides an opportunity to engage with the vibrant local culture.

Q: How can tourists access Dera Ghazi Khan?

A: Dera Ghazi Khan is well-connected by road and rail. Visitors can access the city through various modes of transportation.

Q: What development initiatives are in progress for tourism in Dera Ghazi Khan?

A: Ongoing development projects aim to enhance infrastructure, address challenges, and promote sustainable tourism in Dera Ghazi Khan for the benefit of both residents and visitors.

Wind Up Lines

Dera Ghazi Khan, with its rich historical heritage, vibrant cultural tapestry, and picturesque landscapes, stands as a captivating destination in southwestern Punjab, Pakistan. From the ancient allure of Ghazi Khan Fort to the spiritual ambiance of the Tomb of Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar, the city seamlessly weaves together tradition and modernity.

As travelers explore the bustling markets, historical landmarks, and the serene banks of the Indus River, Dera Ghazi Khan unfolds as a treasure trove of experiences, inviting all to embrace its unique charm and uncover the stories embedded in its streets and monuments.

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