All About Panjgur District – Balochistan | The City of Dates

Panjgur - A historical city of Balochistan | Punjgur Airport


Panjgur, City of dates, Balochistan, Pakistan

(Panjgur) It is narrated that when Muslims first captured this area, their five officers were martyred.

They were buried here. It was named “Panjgur” after the five martyrs. This old, popular, and traditional area of Balochistan comprises lush green fields, charming woods, dry mountain ranges, and lowland canals.

Panjgor Airport
Panjgor Airport

This place is known as the “ Shimla of Makran Valley” because of the refreshing atmosphere. Best quality dates like mozowati, languor, Jan zard, zardan and dandari are produced in this area.

Panjgur airport has the shortest runway in Pakistan which is 1524 km long.

Key information about Panjgur 

Attribute Details
Name Panjgur
Location Balochistan, Pakistan
Coordinates 26.9569° N, 64.0913° E
Population Approximately 250,000 (estimate)
Climate Arid climate with hot summers and mild winters
Elevation Around 935 meters (3,068 feet) above sea level
Language Balochi, Urdu
Major Industries Agriculture, Livestock, Date Farming
Historical Sites Qasim Bagh, Shahi Tump
Education Several schools and colleges
Healthcare District Headquarters Hospital Panjgur
Transportation Road network, limited air connectivity
Local Cuisine Traditional Balochi dishes, dates, and seafood
Cultural Events Balochi cultural festivals and events
Challenges Limited access to modern amenities, water scarcity

All About Panjgur District – Balochistan

Geographical Location and Climate

Panjgur is strategically located in Balochistan, with coordinates approximately 26.9569° N latitude and 64.0913° E longitude. The district experiences an arid climate characterized by hot summers and mild winters. Its elevation of around 935 meters (3,068 feet) above sea level adds to the rugged charm of the region.

Population and Languages

With an estimated population of around 250,000, Panjgur is a community of diverse backgrounds. Balochi is the primary language spoken, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of the region. Urdu is also commonly used for communication.

Agriculture and Date Farming

Panjgur’s moniker, “The City of Dates,” is well-earned. The district is renowned for its date palms that stretch across the horizon, contributing significantly to Pakistan’s date production. Date farming is not merely an economic activity; it is a way of life, deeply ingrained in the cultural and agricultural practices of the local residents.


The district is connected by a network of roads, facilitating travel within the region. While road transportation is common, air connectivity is more limited, emphasizing the district’s rural and remote character.

Historical Places in Panjgur

Qasim Bagh

Qasim Bagh is a historical site in Panjgur that holds cultural significance. It is known for its historical relevance and architectural elements that tell stories of the past. Visitors can explore the area to gain insights into the historical and cultural heritage of Panjgur.

Shahi Tump

Shahi Tump is another notable historical site in Panjgur. This ancient mound is believed to have archaeological importance, potentially containing remnants from ancient civilizations. Archaeologists and history enthusiasts find Shahi Tump intriguing for its historical mysteries.

Schools in Panjgur

  • Government Boys High School Panjgur
  • Government Girls High School Panjgur
  • Al-Huda Public School Panjgur
  • Faridia Public School Panjgur

Colleges in Panjgur

  • Government Degree College Panjgur
  • Balochistan Residential College Panjgur
  • Government Girls Degree College Panjgur

Hospitals in Panjgur

  • District Headquarters Hospital Panjgur
  • Civil Hospital Panjgur
  • Al-Habib Hospital Panjgur


What is the geographical location of Panjgur?

Panjgur is situated in Balochistan, Pakistan, with coordinates approximately 26.9569° N latitude and 64.0913° E longitude.

How would you describe Panjgur’s climate?

Panjgur experiences an arid climate characterized by hot summers and mild winters, typical of the Balochistan region.

What is the approximate population of Panjgur?

Panjgur is home to an estimated population of around 250,000 people.

What languages are spoken in Panjgur?

The primary language spoken in Panjgur is Balochi, reflecting the rich cultural diversity of the region. Urdu is also commonly used.

Why is Panjgur known as “The City of Dates”?

Panjgur is renowned for its extensive date palm groves, making date farming a significant economic and cultural activity in the district.

Are there any historical landmarks in Panjgur?

Yes, Panjgur boasts historical sites such as Qasim Bagh and Shahi Tump, offering insights into the district’s rich history.

How is education and healthcare in Panjgur?

Panjgur has several schools and colleges, and healthcare needs are addressed by facilities like the District Headquarters Hospital, though challenges in access to modern amenities persist.

What modes of transportation are available in Panjgur?

Panjgur is connected by a network of roads, and while road transportation is common, air connectivity is more limited.

Can you tell us about the local cuisine in Panjgur?

Balochi cuisine in Panjgur is influenced by local traditions and features flavors such as dates, seafood, and aromatic spices.

What challenges does Panjgur face?

Panjgur faces challenges typical of rural areas, including limited access to modern amenities and water scarcity. However, the community’s resilience is evident in their commitment to preserving cultural heritage.

How would you describe the cultural events in Panjgur?

Panjgur hosts cultural events, including Balochi festivals, that add vibrancy to the community, celebrating traditions passed down through generations.

Is Panjgur a tourist destination?

While Panjgur may not be a mainstream tourist destination, it offers a unique experience for those seeking to explore the heart and soul of a community thriving amidst the challenges of its landscape.

Wind Up  Lines

Panjgur is more than just a district in Balochistan; it’s a living testament to the harmonious coexistence of tradition and progress. From the sweeping date palm groves to the echoes of cultural festivals, Panjgur invites visitors to experience the heart and soul of a community that thrives amidst the challenges of its unique landscape

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