Kachhi District – Balochistan | Mehargarh Civilization

The Archaeological Site of Mehrgarh | Mehargarh - Bolan Valley


Mehar Garh (Where Grandeur is Woven in History)

Mehrgarh ruins, Balochistan

French historians are credited for discovering this historic archeological site having signs of 2500 B.C to 7000 B.C. They did excavation at Mehar Garh district Kachhi in 1974.

Situated in the west of river Indus near Bolan Pass, these archeological sites revealed that the people of this area were used to living in houses. Barely and wheat crops were cultivated. Furthermore, there were proper arrangements for the breeding of sheep, goats, and other cattle.

Key information about Kachhi District – Balochistan

Name Kachhi District
Location Balochistan province, Pakistan
Capital Dera Bugti
Geography Diverse landscapes including plains, mountains, and rivers
Population Approximately [population data needed]
Languages Primary language is Balochi; Urdu is widely understood
Climate Arid climate with hot summers and mild winters
Economy Agriculture and livestock farming, rich in natural resources
Agricultural Products Wheat, barley, dates, fruits, livestock
Culture Rich cultural heritage with traditional music, dance, festivals
Transportation Connected by road networks; Dera Bugti serves as a central hub
Tourist Attractions Scenic beauty, traditional architecture, cultural events
Education Presence of educational institutions including schools and colleges
Healthcare Healthcare facilities including hospitals and clinics
Notable Features Natural beauty, historical sites, cultural significance
Challenges Infrastructure development, resource access, socio-economic issues
Wildlife Diverse wildlife contributing to ecological diversity

Exploring Kachhi District, Balochistan

Geographical Splendor of Kachhi District

Kachhi District is situated in the northeastern part of Balochistan and is known for its diverse topography, ranging from fertile plains to arid landscapes. The district is flanked by the Suleiman Range to the west and the Kirthar Range to the east, creating a picturesque setting that has witnessed the ebb and flow of human civilization for millennia.

Mehargarh Civilization

At the heart of Kachhi District lies Mehargarh, an archaeological site that has rewritten the history books. Mehargarh, meaning “Mound of the Dead” in the local language, is considered one of the earliest cradles of civilization. The site spans several periods, with its roots dating back to around 7000 BCE, making it one of the oldest known settlements in South Asia.

Key Features of Mehargarh Civilization

Neolithic Beginnings

Mehargarh provides evidence of the transition from a nomadic, hunter-gatherer lifestyle to settled agriculture. The inhabitants of Mehargarh were among the first to cultivate plants and domesticate animals, marking a pivotal moment in human history.

Urban Planning

The site reveals an organized urban layout, featuring residential structures, granaries, and even an elaborate drainage system. This showcases a level of sophistication in city planning that was unprecedented for its time.

Artistic Expression

Excavations at Mehargarh have unearthed a trove of artifacts, including pottery, figurines, and ornaments. The intricate designs and craftsmanship on these artifacts offer insights into the artistic sensibilities of the Mehargarh people.

Modern-day Kachhi District

Beyond its archaeological significance, Kachhi District is a vibrant region with a unique blend of tradition and modernity. The district is home to diverse communities, each contributing to the cultural mosaic of Balochistan. Agriculture, livestock farming, and handicrafts are integral to the local economy, providing a glimpse into the resilience of the people who have called Kachhi home for centuries.

Tourist Attractions in Kachhi

Bolan Pass

This historic pass, connecting Kachhi to the rest of Balochistan, offers breathtaking views of the rugged landscapes.

Bibi Nani Tomb

A revered shrine dedicated to a local saint, the Bibi Nani Tomb is a spiritual and architectural landmark.

Sibi Mela

The famous Sibi Mela, held annually in Kachhi District, attracts people from across the region with its colorful festivities, traditional music, and cultural displays.


  • Government Boys High School Kachhi
  • Girls High School Kachhi
  • Al-Noor Public School Kachhi


  • Government Degree College Kachhi
  • Balochistan College of Business and Commerce, Kachhi
  • Kachhi Law College


  • District Headquarters Hospital Kachhi
  • Al-Biruni Hospital, Kachhi
  • Rural Health Center Kachhi


  • Mehran Restaurant
  • Balochistan Diners
  • Saba Fast Food

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q: What is the historical significance of Kachhi District?

A: Kachhi District is historically significant due to its association with the ancient Mehargarh Civilization, one of the earliest settled civilizations dating back to the Neolithic period.

Q: What is Mehargarh, and why is it important?

A: Mehargarh is an archaeological site in Kachhi District, renowned for being one of the earliest known settlements, offering insights into early human agricultural practices, urban planning, and artistic expression.

Q: What healthcare facilities are available in Kachhi District?

A: Kachhi District has healthcare facilities like District Headquarters Hospital, Al-Biruni Hospital, and Rural Health Center, ensuring medical services for the local population.

Q: Can visitors explore historical sites in Kachhi?

A: Yes, visitors can explore the ancient site of Mehargarh, which holds archaeological treasures from the Neolithic era, showcasing the development of early human civilization.

Q: What are some popular tourist attractions in Kachhi District?

A: Popular attractions include the scenic Bolan Pass, the revered Bibi Nani Tomb, and the annual Sibi Mela, known for its cultural festivities.

Q: How is Mehargarh being preserved for future generations?

A: Preservation efforts for Mehargarh include environmental monitoring, controlled excavation, and public awareness campaigns to protect and promote the historical site.

Q: Are there local culinary delights to explore in Kachhi?

A: Yes, Kachhi offers a variety of local cuisines. Notable restaurants include Mehran Restaurant, Balochistan Diners, and Saba Fast Food, offering a taste of the region’s flavors.

Q: What are the geographical features of Kachhi District?

A: Kachhi District features diverse topography, with fertile plains and arid landscapes, bordered by the Suleiman Range to the west and the Kirthar Range to the east.

Q: How can one reach Kachhi District?

A: Kachhi District is accessible by road, with the Bolan Pass being a historic route connecting it to other parts of Balochistan. The nearest airports and railway stations can also facilitate travel to the region.

Wind Up Lines

Kachhi District, with its roots embedded in the Mehargarh Civilization, stands as a living testament to the journey of human civilization. From the ancient echoes of Mehargarh to the vibrant present, Kachhi invites explorers to unravel its historical mysteries and experience the warmth of its contemporary culture.

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