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Astore is an old city at an altitude of 3200 meters above ocean level. Before the creation of Pakistan, this track was used to reach Gilgit from Srinagar Kashmir. District Astore of the province Gilgit Baltistan is 115km from Gilgit City.

Site Name Location Key Features
Rama Lake Elevation: 10,800 feet Surrounded by rich green mountains, snow-covered for 7-8 months, starting point for Nanga Parbat trek.
Tarishing Valley Located 28km from Astore Offers stunning views of Nanga Parbat and snow-tipped peaks, lush green meadows, and hotels.
Rupal Valley Access from Tarishing Valley Known for its diverse flowers, reached after crossing a hill and glacier, resembling Arang Kel.
Sang Sar Valley Easily reached from Astore Features green meadows, blue water lake, cool winds from Siachin range, and a stunning landscape.
View Point Silk Route (Karakoram) Hwy Offers a view of the meeting point of the Himalaya, Karakoram, and Hindukush mountain ranges.

Silk Route  (Karakoram) Highway, turns right towards Astore from Talechi Road. The river Astore flows here along the road. Astore City has some good hotels and a small market. Its central villages are

  • Rama
  • Rahman Pur
  • Gori Kot
  • Bunji
  • Dashkan (Dashkin)
  • Chilum or Chilam
  • Rattu

You can reach Nanga Parbat (Rupal Face), Rupal Valley, Tarishing Valley, Deosai, and Rama Lake from Astore.

Charming Astore Valley Gilgit Baltistan

Furthermore, Chilum, Punji, Daskan, Singh Sar, Rehman Pur, Kala Pani, Minimarg, Dambabho, Domail, and Gori Kot are good tourist spots. One can reach Skardu from Chilam spot via Deosai plains, Sheosar Lake, and Satpara Lake.

You can only travel there by jeep. Minimarg, Rainbow Lake, and some other spots are considered sensitive since they are located near the Indo-Pak borderline. A special permission letter is required for visiting these areas. This letter can be obtained from the relevant army office after providing details.

The landscapes of Astore resemble the beautiful scenery in the American Cow Boy movies. Local language Shina is spoken there.

Famous Beautiful Sites of Astore City

1- Rama Lake

This lake is at an elevation of 10,800 feet above sea level. This lake, surrounded by rich green mountains remains covered with snow for about seven to eight months a year. A track is directed from here to the 8th highest peak in the world Nanga Parbat.

A jeep can be booked from Astore to reach the lake which is 8km from Astore. (A way to lead to Chilam check post on the left of Rama Lake route. You can reach Skardu by the way of Deosai). There is a PTDC motel between the thick green forests at a distance of 3km from Rama Lake.

It is the best place to enjoy two to three-day vacations. It is a good idea to reach the motel via jeep and then travel to the lake on foot. The lake is quite long. There is a rest house of the forestry department which is 3km from Rama Village. You can book it from Gilgit or Rawalpindi.

Rama Lake in Astore, Gilgit Baltistan

2- Tarishing Valley

Nanga Parbat shadows the whole Tarishing Valley and is surrounded by glaciers. Tarnishing, at the foothills of sky-high snow-tipped peaks (9550 feet from sea level), is 28km from Astore. You can reach Tarishing by jeep from Astore.

People can pay per person to reach Tarishing from Astore by jeep. After half an hour, a route is directed to Kargil and Deosai. This track full of adventure will captivate you. You will not get tired of the hectic journey after seeing the charming sights of Rama Peak, Chongra Peak, and Raikot Peak.

Colorful aromatic flowers and luxuriant green grass everywhere will evoke you to stay here for a day or two. There are hotels and camping facilities too.

Snowy tracks of Tarishing Valley in Astore

3- Rupal Valley

Travel to Rupal Valley to fully enjoy the Tarishing Valley site. You will be astonished by the valley with flowers of thousands of kinds. You can reach here after crossing a hill and a glacier. Arang Kel of Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir looks like Rupal Valley.

Luxuriant pastures of Rupal Valley in Astore

4- Sang Sar Valley

This beautiful valley has green meadows, thick green forests, and a blue water lake. The cold winds from the Siachin mountain range refresh the tourists here. The rainbow sight in the sky mesmerizes the vacationers. Sang Sar Lake is full of small glaciers and trout fish. The ice cubes in this lake look like shining stars. During snowfall, the trees covered in snow look like shy brides covered in a veil. A jeep can be hired from Astore Valley for Sangsar Valley.

5- View Point

There is a large podium on the right side of Silk Route (Karakoram) Highway at the Pari point beyond Juglot. Park the vehicle on one side. Come to the podium via a staircase. A

meeting point of the three great mountain ranges of the World (Himalaya, Karakoram, and Hindukush) has mentioned on an eight feet high and 8 feet wide wall through a picture. You will get a clear picture as you see above of the Gilgit Mountains. This scenery cannot be enjoyed anywhere else in the World.


1. Where is Astore located, and what is its significance?

Astore is an old city located at an altitude of 3200 meters above sea level in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. It is known for its natural beauty and tourist attractions.

2. What is the historical significance of the route through Astore before the creation of Pakistan?

The article mentions that the route through Astore was used to reach Gilgit from Srinagar Kashmir before the creation of Pakistan. This historical context adds to the region’s significance.

3. What are the prominent villages and areas in Astore City?

Astore City has several central villages, including Rama, Rahman Pur, Gori Kot, Bunji, Dashkan (Dashkin), Chilum, and Rattu. These areas are part of the Astore region.

4. What are the major tourist destinations that can be reached from Astore?

Astore serves as a gateway to several stunning tourist destinations, including Nanga Parbat (Rupal Face), Rupal Valley, Tarishing Valley, Deosai, Rama Lake, and many others. Each of these places has its unique attractions.

5. How can visitors reach Rama Lake from Astore, and what are the notable features of Rama Lake?

Visitors can reach Rama Lake, which is located at an elevation of 10,800 feet above sea level, by booking a jeep from Astore. The lake is surrounded by lush green mountains and remains snow-covered for several months. It also serves as a starting point for reaching Nanga Parbat.

6. What is the best way to plan a stay at Rama Lake, and are there accommodations available?

The article suggests reaching the PTDC motel, located 3 km from Rama Lake, by jeep and then traveling to the lake on foot. Additionally, there is a rest house of the forestry department that can be booked from Gilgit or Rawalpindi.

7. What are the attractions of Tarishing Valley, and how can visitors reach it from Astore?

Tarishing Valley offers breathtaking views and can be reached from Astore by jeep. The valley is known for its proximity to Nanga Parbat, snow-tipped peaks, and a captivating journey through Rama Peak, Chongra Peak, and Raikot Peak.

8. What is Rupal Valley, and how does it compare to Arang Kel in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir?

Rupal Valley is known for its diverse flowers and can be reached from Tarishing Valley. The article draws a comparison between Rupal Valley and Arang Kel in Neelum Valley, highlighting the lush pastures and natural beauty.

9. What does Sang Sar Valley offer to tourists, and how can it be accessed from Astore?

Sang Sar Valley is known for its green meadows, blue water lake, and stunning scenery. Tourists can access this valley by hiring a jeep from Astore.

Wind Up Lines

Astore is a beautiful Town in Gilgit Baltistan. Rama Lake, Tarishing Valley, Sangsar Valley, and Rupal Valley are well-known tourist spots.

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